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2012 Trends and What NOT to Post in 2013

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We ( had a great year here on the East Coast, the car scene was out in full force, lots of new rides and new faces hitting the streets. As many of us complain about the status’ posted on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media you use, I’m sure we find the posts entertaining.

Well, as we wrap up the 2012 season, we wanted to give some of the 2013 new faces/younger guys and gals some tips of what not to post in 2013.

Below is our top 10 2012 Trends and what NOT to post in 2013, enjoy!

10. Stop posting about your “custom mods!” Decals, removing pinstripe, removing door moldings, installing a shorty antenna, and the list goes on…all do not count as MODIFICATIONS!

9. No need to criticize someone’s custom ride when you drive this…”Oh, sure it’s a sleeper”

The definition of SLEEPER: Often referring to what appears to be a ordinary looking stock commuter car that is anything but stock under the hood.

8. We don’t care if you don’t like rice! – Signed by the guy that has “Country” in his name.

The definition of RICE: Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements. (R.I.C.E.) Parts put on cars to make them look fast, when they have no internal tuning, and are actually slow as hell. Parts usually consist of excessively angular body kits, large rear spoilers, neon, sponsor stickers, chrome rims, fake “coffee can” exhaust tips, and loud, annoying paint jobs and/or vinyls. Sometimes parts are do-it-yourself installed and are basically duct taped to the car. Most commonly known for being done to Honda Civics, but can also be done to slow domestic vehicles, such as a Chevy Cavalier, etc.

“Yo dog, did you see the Civic that guy was rollin’ in? it was so rice.”

7. Pssst…nobody cares if you say you are “coming out hard” in 2013, because we know the truth! Besides this little dude has us all beat!

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6. ATTN: Your car is slow, we do not want to see anymore GoPro videos of you trying to do a pull on the highway, k tks!

5. WTF is #carporn – stop using it in tags!

4. FYI…You’re not cool if you tag every show promoter, high-end shop, Magazine Editor on the planet.

3. #Stop #tagging #in #every #status #, #its #not #cool #and #it’s #hard #to #read #!

2. The anti-skinny girl movement – Must you comment on every post that has a cute skinny girl? We don’t care if you like meat, hillbilly!

Photo Credit: Dove Commercial

1. Camber – Don’t do it! Don’t post about it! Don’t share camber photos!

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