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2014 Carlisle All Truck Nationals

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This year marks the 40th anniversary for Carlisle Events and the shows are still going strong. The All Truck Nationals started in 1991 and the event has had a very loyal following ever since. The show hosts a variety of trucks from Big Rigs to Minitrucks and everything in between. There is a main stage where events such as the beauty competition, burnout contest and low truck limbo take place, and right next to the stage is where the Monster Trucks have a show. On top of the hill is where you can find the RC car display and track, and special displays such as this year’s “Ram Truck test drive”. Saturday night on the far side of the grounds, you can find Minitrucks throwing sparks in the drag contest.

Aside from a passing rain storm Friday, the weather was typical for early August in Carlisle. It was hot, humid and overcast for most of the weekend. The sun did shine for a while on Saturday which seemed to draw in the crowds of spectators. They had plenty to keep them occupied too. There are an abundance of places to grab something to eat or drink all weekend and plenty of places to take a break and enjoy the food. For the women not completely interested in the show, Carlisle has the Women’s Oasis with Bingo, a margarita party and more. There was more than enough to keep everyone happy from the live bands to the monster truck shows, not to mention the show and fun fields.

Virginia Giant getting some air!
Virginia Giant

Most of the primary events are held Saturday but there are a few things to enjoy besides the show fields. The RC cars start early Friday along with the myriad of kid related activities which included trampoline bungee jumping, a zip line, fun zone and much more.

RC car racing
RC Cars

Saturday’s main stage events started with the Low Truck Limbo at 11am. This nice body dropped Toyota took lowest truck.
Low Truck Limbo

Show Field judging also took place throughout the day. There was a nice variety of trucks representing all classes from laid out minis to full size big rigs.


Big Rig Showfield
Big Rig Show

There was a dyno on site to see who had the most power. This Ram had 1116HP and maxed out the torque on the dyno.
Dyno Pull

Later in the day, the main stage activities started up again starting with the High Truck Contest followed by the Monster Truck show. Immediately following the monster trucks, the smoke began at the Burnout Competition.

Burnout Competition winner
Burnout Competition

After the smoke cleared and the winner was established, the Beauty Pageant began with a “country girl” theme followed quickly by the Bikini Contest. There were 22 beautiful participants this year. After narrowing the field down to 3 contestants, the winner was crowned.

Beauty Pageant Winners
Beauty Pageant

After the events at the main stage, the sparks began to fly at the Drop and Drag and Spark and Drag contests on the back hill. The hill provided a safe place to do some awesome dragging while staying safe and legal. It also put on a great show for the crowd!

Drop and Drag winner
Drop and Drag Winner

Spark and Drag Winner
Spark and Drag Winner

From an early age my parents used to take me to car shows and a few automotive museums and that is where I got the car bug. Ever since then I have had mainly cars that were more go than show until 2008 when I bought my 2005 Silverado. I started showing the truck and soon after started taking pictures at the shows. In early 2012 I put a call out asking if any sites needed a photographer and here I am, A proud member of the Carshowz family.

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