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2016 Scion FR-S Sedan

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We first talked about the Scion FR-S in May of 2012 when we were offered the chance to test drive one right before they hit the street.  The FR-S is back in the world of car news with some rumors of a FR-S Sedan.

From the sounds of things, we could be seeing a 4 door FR-S in early 2016 if Toyota can convince Subaru to join in.  What does a FR-S Sedan mean? It means that all those guys with kids who are being told by their wifes “But you can’t fit a car seat in an FR-S” have some hope in putting a (family friendly) FR-S in their driveway in the coming years.  We’ll wait to see if the Toyota GT86 Sedan starts to appear at some motor shows before we get our hopes to high on the FR-S/BR-Z.

In other Scion news, we may also be seeing a new xB in 2015.  We’re hoping they don’t continue the trend of going bigger with every redesign.  There’s no need for a Scion Flex.

Credit: Motor Trend

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