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Alpinestars – A New Era in Motorcycle Safety

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I’ve always wanted a motorcycle, but every time I was ready to pull the trigger someone in my life would be injured in a motorcycle accident, or, well, worse. I finally settled with staying on four wheels but I still love eyeballing bikes and keeping up with the new technology, especially when it comes to safety.

Enter Alpinestars and the Tech-Air Street Airbag System

Alpinestars Tech-Air Street Aibag System

The Tech-Air jacket is a wearable airbag for riding. From Alpinestars: “The Tech-Air™ street airbag system offers comprehensive upper body protection including back, shoulders, kidney area and chest, all of the most exposed areas during a street crash.”

The Tech-Air jacket is fully weather proof and detects impact from crashes within 30-60 milliseconds and fully inflates in 25 milliseconds.

However, one potential negative I see with the jacket is that it relies on a battery. The battery life is listed at 25 hours, which means it would potentially have to be charged daily. One hour of charge gets four hours of use.

Visit Alpinestars for full details and be sure to take a look at their video.

I met Jeff in the early 2000s after we both joined the same car club and we've pretty much been bouncing ideas off each other ever since. I've owned numerous cars over the years and have not been able to keep a single one stock. While I definitely have a 'thing' for Toyotas, I enjoy and respect the work put into any make, model, year, or type of vehicle.

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