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CarShowz 2014 Year In Review

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I cannot stress enough how successful of a year we had here at Our Team enjoys what they do and have covered some of the baddest shows around. With 180 photo albums, just shy of 60,000 pictures, our coverage gallery has gotten a lot of attention this season.

Here are some of the highlights from this past 2014 season (Check out our full Event Coverage Gallery HERE):


The Philadelphia Auto Show and the Baltimore Motor Trend International Auto Show are both always a nice way to kick-off the show season.

I had the privilege this year to attend with our friends Absolute Pro-Formance (APF) and display my ride in the custom showcase section of Motor Trend. Every year for the past few years Brian L. and I have covered the Motor Trend show and enjoyed our time as media, this year it was a bit different having my car on display, but not too much because APF took car of the ride throughout the week it was on display allowing me to focus on coverage.

Mike M. held down the coverage at the Philly Auto Show with Mark P’s ride on display.

The Northeast Rod and Custom Car Show draws in the most prestigious well-built rides around the nation. Car builders traveling to come to this event and it never disappoints. With Mike M. handling the bulk of the coverage, allowed me to focus on the detailed shots throughout the show. Let me tell you, being able to take your time and enjoy the show gives you a different perspective and allows you to appreciate each and every build.

Northeast Rod & Custom - Photo by

The Race of Gentlemen is an almost to good to be true event, held on the beach of Wildwood, New Jersey in October, coverage by Mark P. and Mike M. This event is definitely on my list for next season! Presented by Oilers Car Club, featuring 1920 and 30s pre-war cars and motorcycles, taking you back in time.

The Race of Gentlemen - Photo by

The Rodder’s Journal Vintage Speed and Custom Car Revival is an amazing event. The Rodder’s Journal already has a huge following and that showed with competitors bringing their customs from as far as Arizona and Texas. Representation from almost every state, it was amazing to see over 1000 custom vintage hot rods. I had the privilege of covering the event and it was impossible to capture to details of the event in one couple hour session.

The Rodders Journal - Photo by

The SEMA Show, need I say more? Mike M. made the trip out to SEMA this year and threw down and exhausting 3000 photo coverage and over 60 video clips of the event; to which I sadly admit I have not had the time to completely edit all of the video clips, but stay tuned! The SEMA Show is an overwhelming experience and it is almost impossible to capture and see every ride throughout the show, but Mike did a pretty damn good job, covering the show!

The SEMA Show 2014 - Photo by

We cannot forget all of the local shows whose primary focus is on charities around the community. We enjoy attending local shows and enjoy seeing our friends and their rides. There are way too many cool events to list here in our review, but to checkout our coverage, visit:


Social Media has had it’s positive and negative effects on the automotive industry, but luckily for us we have control over what we publish and share with our followers. We try to cover every genre of vehicles there is within the industry. Every now and again you get a ‘troll’ who will make a negative comment about someone’s build, but if we can help it we try to comment and step in and give them a chance to see the other side and the funny thing is most folks come around and apologize. It’s a PITA to filter out the ass hats, but we try!

On a positive note we are knocking on the door of a half MILLION followers / likes on our Facebook fan page. The likes we have are organic and we have found a formula that works for us to capture an average of over 20K likes in 1 week. Although it is difficult to work around Facebook’s constant changes and throttling, but we manage to work through it. We appreciate the support we have received over the years and we are looking forward to a successful 2015 season.


The top 10 Trends of 2014 and what NOT to do! Last year we published a similar list, this list is to help the up-and-coming enthusiasts and to try and give them a clue as to what NOT to do when they are out there trying to establish themselves. Enjoy! 🙂

10. FREE STUFF: Stop coming to events to get the free stuff so you can sell it on eBay. Only take 1 item and STOP pushing and fighting with little kids like it is the last item on earth!

9. MODEL DRAMA: Oh, you have a instagram page with 401K followers, but you do not have a 401K…Go Figure! Here’s the link to research a 401K. Seriously, get your stuff together, a man cannot stand a gold digger. Just because you “think” you have a nice body, doesn’t necessarily mean you do. You are not the only girl on the planet and Photographers refuse to work with arrogant people.


8. OVER-HYPE: Oh, you drive a 100K sports car, but rent an apartment. BUT WAIT, it’s an apartment on the East Side, got it! You don’t have anything to prove, people actually enjoy a person’s personality and someone who is REAL and not FAKE.

7. SHOW PROMOTERS: Stop promoting shows like it is a get rich quick scheme. Car enthusiasts are smart people and they are on to you. 8 above kind of goes hand in hand with number 7, here. Over-hyping your event will also get you blacklisted. Keep it real, take care of the car competitors and everything else will fall into place. If you bring in the nice cars, the spectators will follow.

6. TROPHIES: Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, cares that you have won 150 trophies from every local church show you attended with NO ONE in your class. Sorry to say it, but here on the East Coast there are only a handful of competitive shows out there where the judges know what they are doing and the classes make sense.

Congratulations you placed at the car show today?!

Congratulations you placed at the car show today?!

5. SOCIAL MEDIA / WANNABE PHOTOGRAPHERS: Sadly the younger generation does not know the difference between a legit media / photographer page versus a clown who steals images from Google images and claims the photos are theirs. The iPhone Photogs, I have no words!


Oh you are a Photographer?!

4. BUSINESSES: Just because you have a business card and access to a carport does not mean you can claim you own a shop! Stop posting photos of the builds of other local shops and claiming you “built” that ride!

3. GO FUND ME: Short answer, NO! For those who do not know what this is, it is a website where you can set-up a donation portal to allow people to donate to your cause. Kids whose cars catch on fire and don’t have insurance, I do not feel sorry for you! Kids whose cars catch on fire and have insurance, I scream FRAUD! People have their own bills to pay, stop taking advantage and trying to get people to pay for your lack of knowing how to control your budget. Work hard, seek sponsorships, and who knows!

2. SPORT MOTORCYCLES: I have 1 word, jackasses! For all of the idiots who are shutting down highways and stunting on public roads, you deserve to be ran over by a vehicle from Mad Max. You are giving ALL bikers a bad rep. Just because you can roll a couple of hundred deep does not make you hard. You are putting other people’s lives at risk as well as disrupting law enforcement who have to deal with the hundreds of calls they receive.

1. STANCED / NEGATIVE CAMBERED RIDES: This was last years #1 and I am making it this years #1 as well. It’s stupid, it looks ugly and I would be willing to bet 98.9% of the people out there think it is stupid as well! And the people who do compliment you on the style, they are lying!

Thank you for tuning into our Year End Review! We would like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and we hope to see you at an event near you! We are very much looking forward to the New Year to see what it brings. With a newly designed website, a foundation of family, friends, and supporters, it’s a great recipe for to continue to grow!

An enthusiast, a Father, a Husband, and a U.S. Navy Veteran. The Creator of CarShowz a hobby gone mad and a passion for anything on wheels. Armed with a camera who knows where this journey will take me but, stay tuned, it's going to be an exciting ride!

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