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East Coast Indoor Nationals 2013 Review

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The 2013 East Coast Indoor Nationals brought the heat to a chilly December day with bringing in the hottest cars on the East Coast and beyond. With admission set at a reasonable $12 and kids 6 and younger were free allowed families to plan a trip to Timonium, MD. to check out the cool rides.

Three halls packed the Timonium Fair Grounds Cow Palace, 2 full with custom pre-73 hotrods and 1 with vendors selling cool products. The foot traffic flowed steadily to each of the halls and there was no wait to get in to pay admission.

Baltimore Ravens Themed WagonEverything from Baltimore Ravens themed rides to a Split Window Vette with a LS9 engine swap. Every row, every spot was occupied with an amazing amount of work put into these rides. Timothy Harford showed his famed 1960 Bel-Air restore by Gas Monkey Garage. It definitely drew a crowd and some spark in the hall.

Split Widow Corvette with a LS9 engineDriven Fabrication was on-site, set-up and ready to display their amazing upholstery work with JR’s S10 on display, along with a bad ass motorcycle and other work Driven has done. There’s an amazing amount of work that go into these rides and the attention to detail is unprecedented.

 Check out some of our favorites below, but for FULL coverage of the show visit:

This Ford V8 x2 is pretty awesome. A different awesome, a lot of custom work. From the obvious (can’t miss it) engine work, to the interior (headliner was pretty cool) to the rear tail lights. An amazing ride!

Here’s an interior shot from the Ford V8 x2, check out the headliner.

This ’63 Nova SS Convertible was immaculate, you can literally eat off of the underbody. Boasting a One-piece body, custom Air Suspension, to the Wilwood Brake Set-up, and we cannot forget the rear LED Tail lights. They almost look like they are painted on, that’s how clean they look.

JRs S10 displayed in the Driven Fabrication booth, is an awesome, well-done, attention to detail truck! The interior is clean, the 3rd door is awesome, a great custom truck!!

Chris Nace’s truck is one-of-a-kind, a CarShowz favorite as it was featured on our latest Rat Rod T-shirt, we appreciate Chris allowing us to use his truck for the shirt and we always enjoy seeing this custom ride. Sitting in the Excel Customs booth Chris was mad busy talking to spectators about his truck.

There’s something about Rat Rod’s, it’s hard to explain, but there is mad love for them. Maybe it is the ‘laxy daisy’ type of attitude when putting these rides together, not giving a F***! I dunno, I may be way off, but these rides are bad ass!

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