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Expozed Show Recap / Review

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Expozed Show Recap / Review – I’m going to get to the point, with much anticipation we ALL thought this show would hit a home run. A blended car show that included all genres of vehicles, vendors, after parties with DJs and a festival of fun all on a 220 acre campground. But…there were a lot of issues right off the bat that I knew would ultimately kill the show. Let me give you some history.

Pat O’Brien the shows Manager / Host contacted me last year around Thanksgiving. He was interested in advertising the show through our website and asked me what I thought about the idea of combining a “Festival” along with a car show on a privately owned 220 acre camp. It sounded like a great idea, but right away I started asking questions about the location, venue, etc. Talking with Pat over the course of the past few months it sounded like everything was covered and the event will shape-up to be successful. That conversation spiraled into us volunteering our time to judge the show and help with promotions. My overall goal whenever we are involved in a car show and the planning is to ensure we take care of the car people. The guys and gals who dedicate their hard earned money and time into their rides and the ones who wake up early, get their rides cleaned up to come out to a show. Without the car people, you don’t have a show. If you host a shitty show, they are not going to support you. You only have 1 chance as a first year show to prove yourself and I feel taking baby steps and establishing yourself is what needs to be focused on. Keeping the registration cost down, bringing in nice trophies and establishing a fair judging process is what we set-out to do. 2 of the 3 we were able to influence, the costs for registration, spectators, etc. I did not have much say and that is the problem with trying to go big for a first year event. There are a lot of costs accrued and a lot of out-of-pocket expenses which ultimately drove the prices to be what they were.

The Good The Bad and The Worse.

The vision behind the show and Pat’s ideas are on point. Everyone who has spent their lives saturated within the automotive industry knows there is something that needs to happen to change up the way car shows are hosted. Bringing people together from all genres and inter-mingling spectators to come out and check out your creation is important for the scene and the businesses who are producing these cars. The more eyes on the builds equals more exposure and potentially more business for the shops and vendors involved.

We are all car show people, some of us have shown our vehicles for years, we get it, trust me, we do! The location of the show turned out to be one of the worst locations ever from a car show standpoint. Several show cars have turned away when they decided not to drive down the stone road.

The pricing for the show was not reasonable. If the entertainment was there, folks wouldn’t mind paying $50 for the weekend to get in. But when there isn’t much going on and the grounds are dead, I can understand why people would want their money back.

Richard Rawlings.

Booking Richard Rawlings I cannot say was a mistake, he has a major following and could have potentially drawn in a good amount of spectators. However, with it being a first year show and for the amount of money to book Richard, I would have held off on that. Richard not being able to attend the show is beyond the shows control. It was nice to see Christie Brimberry come out and show her support for the event and we appreciate that!

Expozed Show Recap - Gas Monkey FB Post

Expozed Show Recap – Making It Right.

Pat is working to compensate folks and make it right. All of the meet and greet ticket holders were refunded on-site. Christie met with the folks and is going to get them an autographed shirt from Richard. The weekend passes were refunded on-site to those who came Sunday. All of the cash payouts for the trophies will be paid out. Around mid-day we realized the show was not going to be successful. In order to stop the bleeding a lot of the entertainment and services were called off (cancelled). Several show cars have turned around because they didn’t want to make the trip down the stone road which is understandable.


From a car show field standpoint I feel we ran a pretty tight ship. We had guys out parking cars, we tried to keep registration as speedy as possible and we accommodated by extending the registration time. Registration was from 6am to 10am, with a stretch to 12 noon. In all honesty, the majority of cars and trucks that did show up were really nice quality.

Our team was disconnected from the rest of the show which hurt communication. When people asked us questions directly about the meet and greet or vendor set-up, we didn’t have the answers. A representative from the show should’ve been available and we now know for next time. I didn’t think we would be separated that much.

Overall this show was a major learning experience for all of those involved. For those who care about the car scene have offered many ideas to make this event successful next time. They were willing to reach out personally and share their ideas. I appreciate the feedback from car folks and the veterans in the car scene, without you the scene would not exist.

A Message From Pat O’Brien.

On August 22-23 The Expozed Blended Car Show kicked off with high hopes; show cars surrounded by a festival of activities. Pat O’Brien, the show’s Producer and Manager has worked hard and has dedicated a lot of his time and money towards making this show happen. Many points can be argued as to why the show was a bust; however, many points can be made as to why Pat’s intentions and vision is exactly what we need for the car scene.

Here are a few words from Pat O’Brien, Expozed Car Show: “I know that the great people of the car world are yearning for something new and different; they are tired of the same old car show. I wanted to bring to them not just a car show, but an experience that would resonate deep in their souls. I might have come up short in showing them what I intended, but I’m proud of giving it my best shot.

Richard Rawlings not making an appearance was a huge hit on the show and unfortunately they were circumstances out of my control; however, we do appreciate Christie Brimberry attending in his place. All of the people that have purchased a meet and greet with Richard Rawlings were refunded their money. Christie met with the meet and greet ticket holders and signed autographs; she took all their names and addresses so she could send an autograph T-shirt by Richard.

I have spoken with all the winners of prize money from the car show. I will be meeting with them next week to pay them their prize money. I’m a man of my word and will honor what I said I would do.

I apologize to anyone who didn’t appreciate the show. I had a vision that I wanted to bring to the people. I’m not ashamed to have tried to enhance people’s lives in some way. I would like to thank Harry and Lisa Leff, the owners of Camp Ramblewood. They took a risk by giving me an opportunity to present everybody with my vision. Harry told me that seeing the passion and drive in me was payment enough.

I would like to thank Jeff Cantagallo of He and his crew did an excellent job of classifying and judging of the cars. He dedicated a lot of his time and help for me. Thanks for standing behind me through everything.

I would like to thank all of my friends that helped and to the new friends that I made. I would like to thank all the people that reached out to me and said that they had a great time and that they liked what I was trying to do.

There are a lot of negative comments on social media and people expressing their anger, which I understand. What you don’t see is the hard work behind the scenes and knowing that we are all human and sometimes things do not go as planned. As mentioned there are many reasons this event was not successful and people can speculate. What I do know is that I have worked just as hard to make it right with the people who have attended and were disappointed. I’m just glad that I got to meet some real and genuine people!”

I would like to thank my friends who have busted their asses to help in every aspect they could with this show and for those who stuck by me. Our goal was to get folks registered, parked and handle the judging, but with “Staff” written on the back of our shirts, we turned into the information booth, spectator check-in, vendor check-in, and we quickly turned into the public relations booth when the show started to die-down. A huge lessons learned for all of us!

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