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OC Car Show 2013 Photos

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June 8 and 9th Ocean City Maryland hosted the 12th Annual OC Car Shows at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center on 40th Street. This year was a whole new ball game with an additional hall added downstairs (bayside) and the entire upstairs hall being redone; allowed for many more cars to register.

There was a wide variety of custom rides, different ‘flavors’ some old school looks and new school looks.

Entertainment: Music entertainment was provided through-out the weekend, including a performance by Fat Joe. made an appearance with their famous stunt bike trailer to allow spectators to give a shot at stunting in a safe environment.

Feedback:  Adding additional fun activities to future events would be great. At a show we helped with last year we had the National Guard come out and they set-up a speed bag hitting machine/contest. That drew a crowd and kept spectators occupied.

With the addition of the new upstairs and downstairs bay side halls, it may be beneficial to have more outside activities along the bay. Maybe have a few outside vendors or take advantage and have boat or jet ski demonstrations utilizing the docks.

Coverage: Here is a sneak peek of our coverage. Some teasers below, and check-out our indoor photo gallery here and our outdoor photo gallery here

OC Car Shows Indoor Photos Kicker Booth

OC Car Shows Indoor Photos Tim Mullan's Interior

OC Car Shows Indoor Photos Kicker Booth

OC Car Shows Indoor Photos Marines Booth

OC Car Shows Indoor Photos

OC Car Shows Indoor Photos Team Elite

OC Car Shows Indoor Photos

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