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By Jeff Cantagallo, Founder’s primary mission is to support the custom automotive industry, in any capacity necessary. Whether it is through car show listings, car show photos, promotions, news, etc.

Without the show-goers and word-of-mouth the scene would not be much of anything. Our goal is to provide a one-stop-shop tool to help show promoters and enthusiasts with auto event listings throughout the U.S. Do we have every show listed? No, but we try and will continue to build the site to make it user friendly. With 30-50 shows submitted each week and by manually entering shows we have captured a good amount of shows through-out the nation.

Our team is made-up by 5 individuals who are very active in the show scene, each having a show vehicle who participate in car shows throughout the East Coast. To read more about the team, check out our about section on our website here: We are not here to take over the world, if you dive in too fast you will be the first to sink, that’s proven. We support those who support the scene, we share coverage from other Photographers around the scene, that’s what it is about, networking. Everything we do is out of our own pocket. We do not have sponsors, we do not get crazy amounts of money from advertisers. Everything you see on our website and social media are ideas I have come up with, ideas our team has come up with, and is supported by passionate individuals/family who follow closely the same values I follow.

Our Facebook Fan Page ( Fortunately we were able to name our FB page “Car Shows.” This page is set-up to promote and show love to the guys and gals who are out at the shows week and after week supporting the scene; car shows, custom rides, models, businesses/sponsors, you name it. We share our own coverage from and try to post the “cool” stuff, but at the same time we try to give exposure to those who continue to support the scene, rather than just a statistic, a number to a business trying to make a buck. Even though we have over 8000 fans and counting, we recommend you check-out our website as the go-to source for car shows, coverage, news, and more.

Our website ( We have a lot of cool features. A car show listings engine that allows you to submit events to our website and be listed for FREE. The engine automatically ages off the old shows so there is no need to scroll through old listings. The car show listings are designed to keep things simple, to allow the user to easily find what they are looking for. The titles are either linked to the shows website or flyer. The address is linked to Google Maps allowing for an easy way to find directions. There’s a way to add events to Google Calendar or download to iCal. We always try to capture the contact information to allow for potential vendors or show competitors to contact the show host with questions. It’s not bullet proof, but we do have a good system. Take some time and check-out what we have to offer. We are constantly making updates based on user feedback. We appreciate the support and we will continue to evolve.

Car Shows Cell Phone App (Android and iOS): To expand from what we have to offer via our website, we have designed a car show cell phone app that lists the events in a user-friendly mobile environment. This is a true application and NOT just a mobile version/theme of our website. Based on feedback, we have implemented a radius search for events that utilizes Google Maps/Coordinates based on your current location and displays the shows within the selected radius (by miles). For more information and to download the car shows cell phone app check here: Many people confuse us with CarShowCoverage. is ran by a close friend Justin Mann. We work with Justin to team up and capture the latest events on the East Coast. We often share Justin’s coverage because there are several shows we are unable to attend and vice-versa. has their own photo gallery and we have ours ( as well.

Car Show Photos: Our goal is to capture the event, capture the cars who attend the show, the vendors, basically everyone who puts in the effort to make the show successful. There’s a lot of time and money that goes into attending a show, the competitors who are working their way to the top deserve to be recognized. It may not be a full out feature, but being able to share a photo or two with their friends of them at an event is pretty cool! In addition to the above mentioned, this is also a good tool to show future vendors, enthusiasts/spectators what a specific show is all about. They can review the previous year’s coverage, check-out the current show listings and decide if the show is worth attending or make improvements for the following year. There are a ton of shows popping up and honestly the shows that put in the effort to put together a good well-rounded show will reflect in the amount of cars and vendors who attend.

To expand from the coverage we also try to capture the artistic aspect of Automotive Photography. I’m by far not an expert and reading some stuff on the internet is not going to make anyone an expert. The experience gained, the hard work and dedication to the sport will get you there. That is something we are working on as a team. Our features will reflect our own individualities and you will see our own styles expressed through the lens. The featured rides chosen are more about the individuals and showcasing their hard earned work and dedication to the community. The feature is to honor the enthusiasts and to show them they are important to the industry and maybe our features will influence someone to continue to build their ride the way they want to build their ride.

We are not a trend or a fad, we are here to stay. We all have day jobs and I can’t speak for the rest of my team, but my job pays very well. I have no intentions in diving in full-time to take over the car scene. Our goal is to have a positive influence on a few people and hopefully that few people will continue to grow into hundreds, thousands, and maybe even millions. Earning the respect, staying true to your word, and helping each other is what we are about here at

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An enthusiast, a Father, a Husband, and a U.S. Navy Veteran. The Creator of CarShowz a hobby gone mad and a passion for anything on wheels. Armed with a camera who knows where this journey will take me but, stay tuned, it's going to be an exciting ride!

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