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1930 Model A Tudor Sedan 3000 Hour Paint Job

We came across this 1930 Model A Tudor Sedan at SEMA ’17 and let me tell you what a work of art. Craig, Brad and I literally spent an hour looking over this ride and I’m sure we still missed a ton of detail throughout.

Owners Dana and Lorene Hinkle spent countless hours perfecting every detail on this 1930 Model A Tudor Sedan. The paint alone took approximately 3000 hours to execute and by the looks of it, the amount of detail consumed every second of those 3000 hours. We are a huge fan of the old school paint schemes and Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan nailed the paint job on this ride.

This 1930 Model A boasts a 540 ci. Aluminum Hemi (Indy Block) 871 Blower, Fuel Injection by RetroTech Builder Machine Tech. The Trans is a Reid Raching Turbo 400 case by Tri-City Transmission. Although the paint job is amazing and catches everyone’s eye, we cannot overlook the amount of bodywork and prep that goes into a build of this magnitude. Steve’s Bodyworks had that covered by perfecting the body lines in order to lay down the bad ass paint scheme. All of the chrome was handled by Azteca Polishing & Sanchez Polishing.

Of course we cannot forget the amount of fabrication that has gone into this build. Steve’s Precision Fabrication (Steve Hansen) has that covered. Chassis, motor mounts, trans mounts, rear end and 4 link, 2 sets of pipes-headers & side pipes + zoomies, shifter, brake and gas pedals, floor and underside panels, 4″ chop, dash and gauge pods, roll bar, all hard lines and modified bomber seats.

With that much power of course you have to have a rear-end to support it. Winters Champ Quick Change “Heavy Duty” with 3.48 – 4.08 gears. The rear is wrapped in Mickey Thompon HR-2 18×15.5 / 33x22x18 MT Sportsman Front is ET Gasser 15×4.5 / 22x5x15 MT Sportsman.

To seal the deal for this custom Escondido Custom Upholstery got the guts looking right, bringing the overall theme together on the inside of the interior.

As you can imagine walking through the convention center, this 1930 Model A Tudor Sedan caught our eye and there is no wonder why PPG has this ride sitting in their booth. Not only is the build amazing, it was equally amazing that the Owner spent his time talking to us about the history of the build and what lead it to become the amazing work of art it is today.

Check out detailed photos below. Of course after you get home to check out the coverage photos, you always wish you would’ve grabbed more. That is definitely the case with this vehicle, there is so much detail to capture.

1930 Model A Tudor Sedan – Photos

Photos by Jeff Cantagallo,

An Infrastructure/Information Technology Manager by day, an automotive enthusiast the rest of my spare time. Most importantly a Father, Husband and a U.S. Navy Veteran! Combining my experiences and skills and came up with the ultimate creation of Armed with a camera who knows where this journey will take me but stay tuned, it's going to be an exciting ride!

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