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2016 Ford F-Series Super Duty Prototype is HOT – Catches Fire

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Spy Photographers are always out and about trying to catch the latest glimpse of a prototype vehicle.

With photos of camouflaged vehicles and often videos with emphasis on how the engine sounds or the exhaust…like with the 2015 Mustang and now the latest buzz the Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

2016 Ford Super Duty prototype on fire

Well unfortunately on this day, the Photographer got more than what he bargained for; to watch a live fireworks display of the 2016 Ford F-Series Super Duty Prototype catch fire.

Car and Drive: We’re assured that the engineers inside escaped harm, pulling over and hopping out of the truck before it burned to the ground, exploding several times in the process.

Watch Video Here: 2016 Ford F-Series Super Duty Prototype on Fire

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