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Audi receives first autonomous driving permit in California

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Is this the start to the future of driving? Audi receives first autonomous driving permit issued by the State of California. Audi was the first OEM car manufacturer to obtain a Nevada autonomous driving plate in 2012 and they are the first to test the Florida connected car expressway.


HERNDON, Va., September 16, 2014 – Audi will be the first company to receive a newly established autonomous driving permit issued by California. A range of new regulations that govern the testing of automated driving on the state’s roads take effect today.

Audi has conducted research over tens of thousands of miles in Europe and various U.S. states, where such testing is permitted. The research is aimed at preparing a highly automated Piloted driving system for freeway traffic conditions. Audi envisions this technology could be ready for consumer introduction within five years.

California roads are especially crucial to Audi Piloted driving testing because the state is home to the brand’s Electronics Research Lab. ERL engineers are working on a wide range of automated driving issues, including human-machine interface prompts that indicate when the human or the vehicle are handling driving functions.

Why is this important?
Could this be the beginning of completely autonomous driving? Only time will tell. As cars become more and more packed with technology maybe it is a good thing. People are already distracted with making phone calls and texting while driving. Now with in-car wifi becoming available from car manufacturers maybe the autonomous vehicle is the safest way to go.

“California has shown time and time again that it is a global technological leader and today marks the beginning of a new era for the auto industry,” Sen. Padilla said. “Driverless vehicle technology has the potential to revolutionize driving, reduce traffic accidents and save lives. I applaud the efforts of Audi of America and others whose commitment is making this technology a reality,”

For the Audi press release go here:;jsessionid=3FC45D8F99FD605A2FE24B86899CB6E1?&id=3836&allImage=1&teaser=audi-receives-first-autonomous-driving-permit-issued-state&mid=93

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