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Automatic’s Dongle – iOS App to Replace Diagnostic Tools & More

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Automatic, available in May for iOS, accesses data already stored in your car’s “black box,” which records braking and acceleration, emissions and other information, but allows the user to easily access the information just by tapping the touchscreen. Automatic says an Android version is in the works and will ship this fall.

Automatic could conceivably replace other services such as OnStar and LoJack, since it can automatically call for help and show a wayward car’s location. But in the video, the company suggests a more commonplace use of the location function: displaying it for relatives for easy car-sharing or preventing the absent-minded from endlessly searching the mall parking lot.

Automatic is promising not to run up your data charges, averaging just 5 megabytes a month, or about what it takes to transfer three photos.

Read More here: http://www.automatic.com/

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