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Car Nicknames – Top Automotive Nicknames

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Car Nicknames – Top Automotive Nicknames

Car nicknames go way back and are commonly used in car enthusiasts forums and social media as if they were apart of the dictionary. Without skipping a beat enthusiasts know right away when you drop a nickname like “Godzilla” that you are referring to a Nissan GTR.

There’s really no explanation when it comes to explaining car nicknames and why they were given. By looks alone, you know right away. Have some fun and try to identify the cars and the car nicknames below. Click on a photo to bring up the slideshow and check out the caption if you need some extra help. The ‘old heads’ in the car industry will more than likely dominate this game but, lets see if the young up-and-comers can hang. If you want to add to the car nicknames list, comment using the comment form below. Have fun!

Source: Some photos provided by and google images

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