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All Truck Nationals 2015 presented by Carlisle Events

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All Truck Nationals 2015 presented by Carlisle Events is in the books. I have been going to this show since 2008 and have always had an amazing time. Over the years I have met some amazing people and I have seen some equally amazing builds. It is one of the highlights of my year to go to the All Truck Nationals. No matter what type of truck you like it will most likely be found on the show field or fun field not to mention the specialty areas. This year there was a large group of Syclones and Typhones on display with a prototype of the Syclone found at the indoor display.

One of the things that made this year so great was the weather, no rain in sight and hot. This drew in a very large number of show trucks and spectators. There was more going on than just a one of the largest truck shows on the East Coast for people to enjoy. The main stage hosted many events including live bands, a beauty competition and the burnout contest with other events mixed in. Next to the main stage spectators were treated to the Virginia Giant and Raminator crushing cars and the battle between Megasaurus and Transaurus fire breathing, car eating monsters (check out the photos below). When they were not putting on a show spectators were able to ride in the back of a Monster Truck around the same section of the event.

On top of the hill at the All Truck Nationals you could watch the Best Line Bobcat Rodeo and not far away was an opportunity for people to show what their trucks could do on the Autocross Track. Also not far away were the Big Rig Showfield and Vanarama sections of the show. These are always fun sections to check out since it is not something seen at every show. Saturday night capped off with the Spark ’em if You Got ’em Minitruck Drag Competition and Big Rig Glow Show.

The All Truck Nationals 2015 presented by Carlisle Events is an event that never disappoints and I hope to be going back for many more years. Whether you are a fan on lifted trucks or lowered and everything in between you are sure to find something to your liking. Don’t forget to bring the kids with you because there are all kinds of fun events and activities for them to enjoy as well.

Pictures from the 2015 All Truck Nationals:

Carlisle Events Website:

From an early age my parents used to take me to car shows and a few automotive museums and that is where I got the car bug. Ever since then I have had mainly cars that were more go than show until 2008 when I bought my 2005 Silverado. I started showing the truck and soon after started taking pictures at the shows. In early 2012 I put a call out asking if any sites needed a photographer and here I am, A proud member of the Carshowz family.

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