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Pep Boys Speed Shop 2015 Review
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Car Show Articles and Reviews 2015 Review 2015 Review – this past car show season was a huge eye opener and so much experience was gained from the business side of the hobby. The key word here, is hobby, once it starts to not be fun anymore is when we throw in the towel. Thankfully for you, we are in this game for the long haul.

We had the opportunity to work with so many great people this past season, Universal Pictures, Pep Boys, Eagle One, and so many great car shows out there, over 50+ shows we covered this season.

Check out a few of the highlights we had this season…

Cancer Sucks Charity Car Meet

One show in particular I would like to highlight is the Cancer Sucks Charity Meet in honor of Amanda Smith. Our crew has worked so hard for Amanda and has raised $5700 from a single car meet hosted in Glen Burnie, MD. The planning was done within a month and a half and we were able to accomplish so much; collaborating with 86 businesses. Be sure to check out the post coverage write up here and check out all of those who were involved to help make it possible:

Furious 7

We had the opportunity to work with Universal Pictures and the release of Furious 7. We were able to watch a pre-screening of the movie 2 days before the release in theaters and we invited local car shops and friends who have supported us over the years to take advantage of this opportunity. You can check out the post coverage article here:

Eagle One

Eagle One has jumped on board this year and has provided us with a pallet of products to hand-out specifically for the Expozed Car Show. With the show being a flop, I called Corporate Eagle One and spoke to their Marketing Brand Manager and explained that the show was not as large as we have anticipated and they told us to keep the product to pass out to fans and future events. For those who have helped carshowz this season we gave them a full bucket of Eagle One products. We were also able to giveaway several items to local shows to help support their event. This is a great way for us to support the Eagle One brand and we are looking forward to working with them in the future. We thank them for their generosity and their trust in us to distribute their product.

The Car Shows

We had the opportunity to work with several car shows throughout the U.S. and there’s nothing more rewarding than SEMA contacting us to help promote their SEMA Ignited event. I get it, there’s a Marketing Guy / Web Content Administrator who trolls the interwebz and hands out promotion codes to websites and blogs. However, knowing we are in their sights and they are contacting us is a feel good feeling. Our little website in our corner of the world is getting noticed. Knowing how successfully we have promoted events such as NOPI, HIN, and Import Face-off there was no doubt we could help push the SEMA Ignited Event.

We assisted with the Justin’s Performance Center Track Day / Car Show 2015 and we had a nice turn-out for the car show portion. A very diverse group of rides came out and we had a good time. We appreciate JPC giving us the opportunity to come out and give them a hand with the judging and promoting the car show.

We look forward to continue to work with the local charities and help promote shows who are assisting those in need. Again, our Cancer Sucks Car Meet is a prime example of those coming out to support others in need, we are proud of that!

Part of growing and learning the business is running into obstacles, specifically events that do not go as planned. The Expozed Car Show is one of those examples, where I allowed myself to be pulled in too far without having a direct impact of being fully vested into this event to where I can run it and have a say-so. You can get the scoop about the Expozed show and recap here: I always look at things in life as a learning experience. If everything went as planned and you are not exposed to the negative, that’s not going to help you become a problem solver for the future. So I am thankful for the opportunity and experience and can add that to my tool box for when we host our event in the future.

Website Layout

Another accomplishment we want to point out in our 2015 Review is our new website layout for 2016. Since 2009 we have covered several hundred events which adds up to several gigs of data over the years. Focusing on a new theme that is optimized for search engine optimization and also load times. We are not quite blowing up the interwebz but, what I particularly enjoy about what we do as a car enthusiast and a hobbyist is learning new tools to help get the job done. Since the majority of our team are Information Technology Majors, this is a fun challenge for us. With just over 500,000 unique visitors, 690,000 visits, 61,000,000 hits we are doing OK. Now keep in mind we work with very little overhead. We haven’t quite taken the leap to fork out bucks to Mark Zuckleberg or Larry Page. All in due time, with our focus on family and our day jobs there are some priorities in life that need to be met, we are very comfortable where we stand today and look forward to what the future holds for us.

We still have a lot to learn and a lot more tweaking to do, but we have a game plan and we are going to continue to execute. If anyone ever needs any help with setting up a website, give me a shout and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. I’m not going to design and configure it for you, but I can help…lol.

Our Team and Contributors

The Good

I cannot thank our team, contributors, and close friends for the support over the years. There is too many to list and name individually, but you know who you are. I only served 6 years in the U.S. Navy (not a lifer) but, over those years you create a bond and a friendship like no other. You lose touch for several months, hell even years, but when you meet up or talk it’s exactly where you left off. I feel we have that with our team and supporters.

The Bad

People say, “my circle got smaller this year”, quite honestly you never had a circle…lol. Those people who endorse your social media posts by commenting and liking do not give two shits about you or what you do. Are they going to be around when you are in need, how many of those people call you to see if you are OK? However, if you have something to offer them, they will stick around. The moment things do not go as planned for them, they bail and we had a chance to see people’s true colors this past season. The best part about that is it allows me to grow to be a better man, it helps me continue to read people and make sound decisions, so it’s not all bad. It gives us the ability to put the filter on and keep it movin’, that’s life my friends. 2015 Review Conclusion

We had one hell of a year and look forward to supporting the car show industry many more years to come. I thank you all for taking the time to read this long boring ass write-up. I hope my experiences at least makes you stop and think and possibly helps you with your journey with whatever it is you are doing.

I thank you for the continued support and look forward to working with many of you this season!

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An enthusiast, a Father, a Husband, and a U.S. Navy Veteran. The Creator of CarShowz a hobby gone mad and a passion for anything on wheels. Armed with a camera who knows where this journey will take me but, stay tuned, it's going to be an exciting ride!

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