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CarShowz Media Kit – Advertise With Us Media Kit: Market your brand and products by advertising with The below information is just a sampling of what CarShowz has accomplished over the past few years. We are a small team of enthusiasts with a huge impact on the custom vehicle aftermarket scene. A key component in working with our team is that we have been a part of the automotive industry for over 100 years of combined experience.

The domain is over 10 years young and we do not plan on going anywhere any time soon. Our website is well indexed within the top search engines and we pride ourselves on search engine optimization (SEO) when publishing our articles, partner brands and products.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with and meet the amazing people in our industry! We have worked with several major brands over the years and continue to build our relationships. We are in it for the long haul and to build a lasting relationship.

Brands & Partners

Over the years we have worked with so many great brands, here are just a few of them…

  • Autorama
  • Lone Star Throwdown
  • Import Face-Off
  • Motor Trend Auto Show
  • The SEMA Show
  • Carlisle Events
  • Goodguys Rod & Custom

The Latest CarShowz Media Kit

The latest carshowz media kit is a more in-depth look at what we do, who we are and also includes some of the below statistics included on this page.

Advertising Options

We do have some flexibility in advertising options. However, we would like to keep the website “clean” so to speak with regards to not jamming advertisement banners throughout the website. User experience and the navigation is important.

With that being said, here are a few advertising options:

Note: All image banners will be linked back to the businesses website or whatever link is desired. All dimensions are estimates and will be optimized based on the location of the banner display.

  • Main page Header and Footer advertisement banner – Dimensions: 1400×200 Location:
  • Main page and secondary page side bar banner – Dimensions: 350×250 Location: All pages
  • Feature article on product or business – An article written and generated by to showcase your work and/or business. SEO optimized using no less than 350 words.
  • Event Listing State Page advertisement banners (Header and footer banners available) – Dimensions 473×68 Location: individual state pages, for example: ( cost is broken down per banner and per page.

Note: Art work to be provided by you. If you need a banner designed, additional cost may apply.

Advertising Costs

We are open and straight forward with our advertising costs. Our costs reflect the time and money spent to host and maintain our website. Additionally, we have built-in cost for marketing our website and brand which ultimately directs traffic back to our website articles, car, truck and motorcycle events listings, coverage photo gallery and ultimately our partners brands and products. We travel to events throughout the nation, we have multiple connections who also provide us coverage and we network with some of the biggest media outlets known in the industry. Although we are a small platform and team, our goal is to have a big impact on the automotive scene.

CarShowz Social Stats

Here is a snapshot of our social media demographics:

Here is a snapshot of our social media statistics:

Contact Us if you have additional questions…

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message via our contact form, here.

Our Logo / Sharing – CarShowz Media Kit

We are a proponent of social sharing and networking with fellow enthusiasts who have similar websites and promote similar brands. Without networking, the community does not exist. Below is our logo for you to save and share via your website. If you add our logo, please let us know and we will do the same on our website.

Note: we do not exchange links with just anyone. Your website needs to be established (published for a couple of years) and promote positive content. The search engine optimization strategy and search engine algorithms will penalize websites who do not follow the industry standards.

Link Back

Feel feel to save the below logo and publish to your website. Please link back to the url:

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