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Don’t Believe the Internet Hype – The Car Scene

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With the interwebs, deception is becoming more prominent, it’s too easy for someone to hype up everything and anything. Unfortunately, over the years within the car scene you see it more often.

The purpose of this article is not to call out anyone in particular, not to create a panic for people to question shops, businesses, etc. but to create an awareness and to squash the perception of a business being more dominate over the other simply because they have more likes on Facebook. The bottom line, if you do not want to read any further, the best advice we can give is do your research. It’s a combination of talking to customers (not just close friends of the shop) but other customers and review the work yourself. Get up close and personal and review the work yourself and ask a lot of questions, don’t just assume.

There’s so many directions we can go in but lets tackle the obvious, social media. A younger generation does not know any different; young folks judge people based on their social profile, how many likes their posts get, etc. I know that sounds dumb, but it is exactly that.

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Investigating a few of the top car media websites, mainly those who have spawn during the social media takeover, not referring to those who have been in print for years and now run a social media page.

Trends come and go, you see the younger generation latch on to the “what’s hot” fads, like stanced cars. I wrote an article a few years ago for Street Trenz Magazine for a product review of Road Magnet springs. Before any of this “stance” stuff took off years and years ago we have talked about a well stanced ride, so it’s nothing new. The key to a “stanced” ride is the execution, not just throwing a semi-expensive set of rims on a ride and thinking you are dominating the game.

The point is, take the latest trend, throw up a website and BOOM, it will be successful because the younger crowd will flock to it. The question is, how long will it last? Lambo doors, neon lights were huge at some point, although they still exist in show rides today, it eventually died down.


There’s many positive things about social media: networking, keeping in touch, marketing a brand, but there is also many negative things. Creating the hype can easily be done by taking advantage of the people on the interwebs. Facebook for example can be easily manipulated to lead people to believe a specific brand, shop, etc. is the “cream of the crop.” What I’ve noticed is an influx of likes and shares happening on certain pages. The pages can very well be “that popular” but I doubt it. One of two things is going on, 1. they are paying big bucks to boost their likes by paying for Facebook ads. The dollar amount paid will determine the amount of likes you will receive. For example for $1000(US) you will receive approx. 400 likes. That is an estimate and the source is based from Facebook’s “Promote Page” feature. 2. the other option is to hack the Facebook page, which is not recommended and done at a risk of you losing your Fan page completely.  There are a couple of car sponsor pages that I have witnessed recently who got their pages shut down and they quickly start up a new one, they were more than likely hacking their account or their page was reported as spam/scam; but it does happen!

Another tactic is using charities to draw in a crowd, deceiving people that they are helping, when in reality they are there to make money themselves. Some people have good intentions, others are out there to make money.

With that said, lets not take away from the legit fan pages that produce quality content and actually care about their visitors; where they have several hundred thousand fans and their giveaways are legit. You know, “like and share this post to win something” and the people actually win something versus the pages that run contests and you never hear who wins or anything at all, but yet you get thousands of people promoting the page by sharing their contest.

Don’t be fooled, be sure you know the source, and make sure the people running the page are honest people and not just trying to make a fast buck. The car scene is polluted with a ton of untrustworthy people and that puts a huge hit on the honest people who are trying to do this for a living. Just because a business page has 500k likes and another has 5000 likes doesn’t mean one is dominated by the other when it comes to services, prices, etc. Do your research before you judge a business by their social media profile.

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