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Double T Detailing in Elkridge MD.

Being a “car guy” I get asked the question all of the time, who do you recommend for detailing and I have to say after my experience with Double T Detailing in Elkridge MD., they are my go-to. Let me explain the services my vehicle has received, the process and outstanding customer service.

I recently purchased a Shelby GT500, black on black, with a few flaws throughout the paint and of course the infamous dealership “detail job” that you get including free swirls throughout your paint, sorry dealership “detailers”. I needed the paint corrected and I was interested in getting ceramic coated.

Double T Detailing Communication

I reached out to Double T Detailing via Facebook messenger outside of business hours on a Sunday. Within a few minutes Travis, Double T Detailing Owner, hit me back. I would say within a 30 minute conversation, Travis had the entire detailing process laid out as well as pricing and had me already scheduled for an appointment. I would like to add, it helps to know what you want and need, to be able to describe what’s needed up front to help with the line of communication between you and the detailer.

The Detailing Process

I explained to Travis that I needed paint correction and that 3 areas within the hood and trunk needed special attention. Either a bird bomb got me or some sort of acid rain laid on the top parts of the vehicle leaving a crazy stain that required wet sanding and buffing.


Travis was on top of it, we also chatted about a wheels-off detail that also included the ceramic coat treatment, giving me additional peace-and-mind to have the big brake kit and wheels protected.

I elected to get the 5-year ceramic coat and I have to tell you, what an amazing difference. A couple of years ago, I was skeptical in the entire process, the chemicals used, like, “why can’t wax do this?!” It’s a completely different coating and it is apparent when you see the results for yourself in-person.

The weather was calling for snow the day I was scheduled to drop the vehicle off. I did not care to drive the car on the salted roadways, so Travis opened up his shop for me, on his day off and allowed me to keep the car in the garage the day before. That right there meant a lot and proved to me Double T Detailing was willing to go out of their way.


Additionally, Travis kept me in the loop during the entire process and not to mention he still communicated with me throughout the week even while dealing with a family emergency. He truly does care about you (the customer) and your pride-and-joy (your vehicle).

Final Steps / Conclusion – Double T Detailing

After working on the paint correction and also trying to get a God awful stain out of my wicker splitter (acid rain stain), Travis applied the coating and finished up with the final stage. The weather was crap all week, salt on the roads, Travis assured me that he would figure out a way to either store the car until the roads cleared up or transport my car to my doorstep.

As Travis buttoned some things up on the car, he coordinated a tow with Towing Fowlkes who literally delivered my car right into my garage. If that is not VIP treatment, I don’t know what is.


For those who know me, know I am a worry wart. The GT500 is my pride and joy, it’s not a cheap vehicle and the extra cost to get the paint right and ceramic coat is not a cheap process. The goal for me was to preserve the work that Travis and team completed and have the car tucked away and out of the weather. Towing Fowlkes made sure that happened. Not only did Travis arrange for the tow and footed the cost, he also threw in a free hand-wash to ensure I got the complete service of having the car completely cleaned and ready for me to roll.


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