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DRIVETRIBE – Automotive True Enthusiasts

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DRIVETRIBE – Automotive True Enthusiasts

DRIVETRIBE All the motoring tribes under the sun. Hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. Launching Autumn 2016. Founder Jeff Cantagallo is selected to be a “Tribe Leader”. With an opportunity to expand the carshowz exposure through a media outlet that will get world-wide exposure. To participate in this venture and to be apart of automotive history is a no-brainer for us to be involved.

Jeff is backed by a solid team who have built the CarShowz foundation by providing top-notch coverage of some of the largest events across the nation. The website will continue to be the primary host for carshowz content, but now we have an opportunity to spread our content and we will be able to contribute to help build DRIVETRIBE. Check out the Tribe Card as the featured photo of this article, created by the Creative Directory of DRIVETRIBE. Photos were taken by Mark Pantalone. Check out our Team Page for all of those involved and who have helped give us this opportunity.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have partnered with some of the leading figures in tech and media to create DRIVETRIBE – a next-generation digital media platform dedicated to motoring and adventure.

DRIVETRIBE will launch as the digital publishing home for motoring – structured into different “tribes” (each with their own unique characteristics and personality) hosted by Clarkson, Hammond, May, and invited stars, bloggers, writers and videographers, who will all generate and curate their own content for fans. The platform will support video, articles, social and interactive content – with users signing up to the tribes that reflect their personal motoring interests. Whatever your passion, be it drifting, monster trucks, air-cooled 911s and classic Ferraris or even motorcycles, … you’ll find a tribe that fits. (source:

DRIVETRIBE “True Enthusiasts”

Initially our DRIVETRIBE name was going to be “CarShowz”. We have created such a solid foundation and have worked hard to build a following. However, we realize there are only a specific group of folks who follow carshowz, i.e. car shows. We wanted to capture a laDRIVETRIBErger audience, so we have named our tribe, “True Enthusiasts”.

What the hell is a true enthusiast? Someone who shares a passion for the automotive industry and someone who is willing to help others. Being open-minded is key, having an opinion of a specific style is welcomed, constructive criticism is encouraged. The True Enthusiasts Tribe will provide Motorsports coverage to include racing, car shows and automotive events throughout the U.S. All styles and all genres will be presented as well as news and technology that is automotive related.

We are looking forward to providing valuable content to the DRIVETRIBE community and expanding our coverage. For more information, visit and stay tuned for more information to follow as the DRIVETRIBE community launches this Autumn 2016. Be sure to follow us as we roll out cool content!

The Automotive Event Source! Bringing to you car shows from the East to the West, North to the South. Car Show coverage, news and more. A small team that share the same passion for automobiles!

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