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Fast and Furious in Theaters and Not Straight to DVD

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The Fast and Furious series has picked up momentum, a more than a decade old movie series that has originally captured its audience by depicting the import lifestyle / car scene. ‘Tricked’ out cars, high-dollar paint jobs, suped up engines, street racing, hot girls / models, and more.

With Fast and Furious 6 being released in the United States this Friday May 24th, the movie is expected to generate $80 million or more over the Memorial Weekend!

The question is, why is the movie series continuing to pick-up momentum? I can tell you here at it is for the love of the cars (Check-out the Fast and Furious 6 line-up of cars, click here), the antipation of what custom rides will appear in the next series. And of course Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster help šŸ˜‰ but on a serious note the (Brent Lang) got the scoop and the key to a successful film / series is capturing the audience.

Universal’s “Fast” films are the rare series that seem to pick up steam with each new sequel. And with its multi-ethnic cast and foreign settings, it’s been hailed as a model for how to build a franchise that can appeal to audiences across the globe.

After the original cast was jettisoned and the action moved to Japan in “The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, the movie still tested respectably with audiences despite all the changes. Yet Universal felt that the sequel needed more pop.

Bringing back Vin Diesel and Paul Walker and the original cast proved to give the series the jolt it needed. As Diesel appeared at the end of Tokyo Drift, the fans of the series were ecstatic. As much as many people want to crack jokes and ‘hate’ on the Fast and Furious Franchise, they are probably the first to tune in during each release. Not only does bringing back the original cast help boost the movie, the focus on a diverse cast Latino, helps launch the release world-wide…

At the same time, the studio decided to drill down into those elements that set it apart from summer blockbusters headlined by white males, namely a cast that included Asian, African-American and Latino actors like Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Michelle Rodriguez and Sung Kang.

To check out the’s write-up and to learn more about the decisions behind creating a such successful franchise, check out:

As the Fast and Furious 6 excitement is here, they are already looking to release a Fast and Furious 7: Logo

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