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Ford Celebrates Halloween With The Car Wash From Hell

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Ford shared a video that celebrates Halloween by scaring unsuspecting passengers in a Car wash prank.
Ford Halloween

Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] asked a handful of marks to stop for a free car wash on the way to a filmed test drive but, of course, nothing is ever really free. The car wash was tricked out like a haunted house, complete with mysteriously-flashing strobe lights. The windowless space makes a pretty good haunted house, actually, as long as everyone keeps their windows rolled up.

It doesn’t take long for the participants to realize that something is up, and right when they do, they’re set upon by what appear to be a mix of zombies and Lovecraftian hobos. They jump on the cars’ hoods and pop out from back seats. You just never know who you’ll meet at the local car wash.

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