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G-Wagen by Expedition Motor Company – Video

FRENCHTOWN, NJ – Popularly known as the G-Wagen, the Geländewagen (literally meaning “cross-country vehicle”) has become synonymous over the last forty years for its celebrated boxy styling and world-class performance thanks to vehicle development in the world’s harshest, most unforgiving terrains such as the Arctic Circle and Sahara Desert. Now, new for 2019, Expedition Motor Company pays homage to 40 years of the G-Wagen by introducing a new restoration series of Wolf trucks specializing in the iconic ex-military 250GD. Famously dubbed the “Wolf” by the German military, the new Expedition Motor Company G-Wagen custom builds are characterized by fold-down windshields and a 2-door convertible/cabriolet soft-top body configuration.

“Our goal at Expedition Motor Company is to do one thing, and one thing only: and that is to flawlessly restore and re-imagine the convertible G-Wagen,” comments Expedition Motor Company Founder Alex Levin. “Other than the Unimog, no other vehicle has enjoyed a more successful run in Daimler’s history, and our company is commemorating 40 years of the G-Wagen with a new series of Wolf restorations. The Expedition Motor Company G-Wagen trucks feature military durability and timeless design, but the best part is that these trucks are so versatile. An Expedition Motor Company truck can go anywhere. A Wolf can easily tackle the world’s harshest terrain, but looks just as sharp at a vacation home cruising the beach or on an alpine mountain road.”

Nicknamed the Silver Wolf, Expedition Motor Company’s first restoration in the series is a stunning 1992 Mojave Silver 250GD. As with each restoration, Expedition Motor Company spends more than 1,000 hours hand restoring and significantly improving each G-Wagen truck. Depending on customer preferences, the detailed restoration process takes 12-16 weeks upgrading and improving each truck with more modern comforts. Produced for roughly three years in the early nineties, a finite quantity of these 250GD G-Wagen trucks were built for military. Expedition Motor Company currently owns the largest stock of Geländewagens in the world – painstakingly restoring and redefining them for civilian use.

The 1992 250GD in Mojave Silver started its re-birth with a total strip-down. Expedition Motor Company media-blasted the frame down to bare metal prior to being protected by anti-corrosive primer and finished in a matte black powder coat. All-new fuel and brake lines along with body mounts were integrated throughout. Similarly, the factory axles were disassembled, blasted, and re-assembled/refinished with all new internals. Brake calipers were reengineered and bolstered with replacement rotors and drums. New upgraded springs and shocks perfectly integrate the axles to the frame.

This particular 1992 Wolf features an OM602 2.5L inline-five diesel engine, a legendarily durable powerplant. Expedition Motor Company completely cleans and rebuilds the stout engine block with new pistons, seals, timing belt, water pump, and other components. The radiator is re-cored to function in like-new condition. Next, the stock 711.7 5-speed manual transmission is disassembled, cleaned, and refreshed with new seals, a new clutch, and a new throw-out bearing. The same holds true for the transfer case.

The most unique design feature of the Wolf is the truck’s distinct cabrio body. As with the frame, Expedition Motor Company takes the tub and panels down to bare metal, then delves into restoring the body prior to corrosion-proofing and paint. Expedition Motor Company has a stunning palette of colors available for the Wolf restorations ranging from beautiful original factory colors and other new shades such as Mojave Silver. The 1992 250GD was meticulously assembled to ensure that all body gaps are consistent and open-close mechanisms function properly.

Nearly all Expedition Motor Company Wolf restorations are convertible/cabrio models, but the company can source hard-top G-Wagen trucks for clients as needed. Exterior options include upgraded bumpers, a front winch, light grilles, and a jerry can. Full-length black fabric soft-tops and matching Bikini tops are included as standard equipment on all Expedition Motor Company Wolf builds.

Prior to re-assembly, each client also receives fabric swatches for selection. This Silver Pearl Wolf received a brown vinyl interior treatment to maximize durability. Expedition Motor Company accented the interior with contrasting orange upholstery-stitching and dark stained white oak cargo-area slats and side panels. Also, the military-grade 24-volt electrical system was converted to more consumer-friendly 12-volt electric. Expedition Motor Company replaced all the wires and changed the starter motor, gauges, lights, and other electrical accessories, plus upgraded the lighting to high-efficiency LEDs.

G-Wagen by Expedition Motor Company Photos

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The Expedition Motor Company Silver Wolf is the first of the 40th anniversary 250GD G-Wagen builds. Expedition Motor Company trucks start at $90,000. For more information, please contact Expedition Motor Company, (267) 714-4112, or visit

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