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Hunt Valley Horsepower

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Hunt Valley Horsepower Nov. 7, 2020

Hunt Valley Horsepower: What an awesome weekend we had here in Maryland weather wise and a perfect day to visit one of the most iconic automotive gatherings here in the DMV. Hunt Valley Horsepower was in full-swing this weekend, bringing out some amazing vehicles as always. When do you have an opportunity to see a 1920 Ford next to a 2020 C8?!

No awards.  No trophies.  No judges.  Just bring your ride and put it on display for the love of horsepower at the ultimate cars and coffee event in Maryland.  That is how things go at the Hunt Valley Horsepower gatherings, including this one on November 7, 2020.  Although technically cancelled due to Coronavirus, an unseasonable warm day in November attracted a staggering 300 cars. 

The variety of cars at this event is what makes it so unique.  On this particular day, you could find names like Ferrari, McLaren, MG, Skyline, Pantera, Viper, and NSX.  There are cars fresh off the lot and others that left the lot 100 years.  In fact, a 1920 Ford Model T was parked right next to a 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette.  There are few places on Earth where you can find 100 years of automotive engineering sitting right next each other.  That is the allure of Hunt Valley Horsepower, you never know what you will see, but it will always be exciting.

Author’s note regarding Coronavirus: the author took precautions wearing a KN95 facemask and maintained social distance as much as possible.

Check out the Hunt Valley Horsepower photos from November 7, 2020 by Rob Walko…

Hunt Valley Horsepower Photos

[flickr_set id=”72157716810188527″]

More About Hunt Valley Cars & Coffee

Northern Baltimore County needed a place for automotive enthusiasts to gather.  We’re talking about all marques and generations of automobiles and all generations of respectful enthusiasts.  

After 2 months of weekend planning, Hunt Valley Cars & Coffee launched on Saturday, March 31, 2012.  The setup was simple.  Invite everyone from the regional enthusiast community to gather on Saturday mornings from 8 – 10 at Hunt Valley Towne Centre in Hunt Valley, Maryland and see what happens.  Talk cars.  Talk life.  Meet old friends.  Make new friends.   Get the day rolling with some coffee, tea or whatever moves you.  After anything from 20 minutes to 2 hours of eye candy, caffeine and ‘catching up’, start the rest of your day.  

200 cars took part in the inaugural gathering.  [The photo on the top bar comes from that gathering.]  The first year was a time of tremendous growth.  For the 1st Anniversary, 850 show cars, trucks and SUVs and 2400 spectators participated.  The movement became large enough to merit the creation of an LLC.  Out of respect for the standing trademark for Cars & Coffee, a new name was chosen.  Hunt Valley Horsepower was born in March, 2013.  One year later, for the 2nd Anniversary, 1800 show cars, trucks and SUVs and 5000 spectators celebrated.  The 3rd Anniversary on April 4, 2015 brought together over 3000 automobiles and over 6000 enthusiasts – meeting the site’s overflow capacity.  In the 2015 calendar year, over 12,000 automobiles participated in gatherings of Hunt Valley Horsepower.  In 2016, over 12,000 automobiles participated even without the massive anniversary event.  That total rose to over 21,000 automobiles and over 42,000 enthusiasts in 2019.  Back in 2012, the recent years for the community would have been impossible to comprehend.  Automotive enthusiasm within the Mid-Atlantic region is clearly evident and Hunt Valley Horsepower continues to set a high standard.

Not only are we gathering under a common love for automobiles, we’re also giving back to the community.  Adopt-A-Road, Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, Toys for Tots and Mothers Against Drunk Driving are the featured community efforts.  

From the formative days when the community was just a dream taking shape on a notepad in my living room to today – where the community is progressing through its 9th year – the vision remains the same.  

Bring the family.  Invite your friends and your car club.  We’re building a very special family of respectful automotive enthusiasts.  If you love your car, truck or SUV, you’re invited.  See you down the road!

— Rich “Will” Williams, Founder & Administrator, Hunt Valley Horsepower LLC

Rob joined the CarShowz team a couple of years ago shooting events primarily in the DMV and occasionally ventures out to nationwide events. Rob is an automotive enthusiast who can be found attending events in both his modern and classic Ford Mustangs.

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