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Jeep Rubicon JL Top 5 Off Roading Mods

Jeep Rubicon JL – ExtremeTerrain (XT) helps JL owners level up their off-roading with the release of their newest “Throttle Out” YouTube episode. Hosted by Eric Donaldson, the video recommends 5 of the best trail-ready mods for the Recon edition of the Jeep Rubicon JL. From ground clearance to recovery, the parts are explained one by one along with the reasons behind each choice.

“Jeep knows that its customers love to modify their rigs, so they designed the JL Wrangler to be one of the most customizable platforms in the world,” says Eric. With that in mind, Eric jumps in with his first of five recommended parts, the Teraflex 2.5” Base Suspension Lift Kit. In addition to accommodating larger tires, a lift kit provides extra ground clearance and the flexibility needed to navigate obstacles and uneven terrain. From there, Eric suggests a set of Fox Performance Series front/rear shocks specifically designed for a 2 to 3-inch lift. Eric credits Fox’s years of development and racing success for being among the top five brands in the industry. Upsized wheels and tires, a snorkel system, and a reliable winch rounds out the video leaving viewers better equipped to conquer even the toughest trails.

Jeep Wranglers are already some of the most off-road capable vehicles. With a few well-chosen mods, the Rubicon JL will be ready for any outdoor adventure. XT’s new “Throttle Out” episode helps Wrangler owners save time and money by recommending five top-quality parts that translate to confidence on any trail. Viewers are invited to share their thoughts on the build and subscribe to keep up with all the latest product videos, customer spotlight videos and other content.

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