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KDLINKS X1 Full HD Dash Cam Full Kit

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KDLINKS X1 Full HD Dash Cam Review

KDLINKS X1 Full HD Dash Cam 165° Wide Angle Car Dashboard Camcorder with GPS, G-Sensor, WDR, 2.7″ Screen and 8GB Micro SD included

Highlights of the KDLINKS X1 Full HD Dash Cam

  • High-Definition – The X1 dash cam records Full HD videos (1920 * 1080p) at 30 fps with H.264! The use of six-glass F1.6 lenses and an extremely sensitive AR0330 sensor ensure excellent quality. As a result, the video quality is very detailed and smooth.
  • GPS Features – Built-in GPS module precisely record GPS data into video clips, and you can check vehicle location/speed/route on Google Map through included KDLINKS Dash Cam Player Software. You can test this feature by going to KDLINKS official site, then download sample video clip and this player software.
  • Accident Detection – Emergency Lock Button & Accident Auto Detection Feature (G-Sensor) can lock current video file for you.
  • Auto Screen Off – You can set the screen to automatically turn off
  • 8GB SD card (provided) a little over an hour recording time / 32GB SD card (purchased separately) gives you about 5 hours of recording time.

KDLINKS X1 Full HD Dash Cam Boxed Up

I have been looking around and researching different dash cams on the internet. While looking around Amazon, doing a search for “hd dash cam” and filtering through the reviews, the KDLinks X1 stood out to me with over 2,000 reviews at just shy of 5 stars. If you are an avid Amazon shopper, you know a great product when you see one.

To make the purchase or not make the purchase? After just purchasing a new vehicle and living in a rat race of a town (aka non-drivers) I figured this purchase would be well worth the money spent. For the quality of the video and for what you get, I have not been disappointed.

I feel it is important to point out how outstanding KDLINKs is with their customer service. A Representative reached out to me after purchasing the dash cam in March to see how I enjoyed the product. That’s unheard of these days. Any questions you may have about the camera; they are quick to respond.

Edit: There are mixed reviews about leaving the dash cam suction cupped to the windshield in the sun (high heat). The camera can be unmounted easily, I would recommend sticking it in your glove box after use. I actually undo the suction cup and stick it in my center console to be safe.


The KDLINKS X1 Full HD Dash Cam covers all aspects of wanting to own a dashboard camcorder. With a 165° wide angle, a GPS module that records GPS data into the video clips, and many more features that we will list later; this camera has proven to include all of the features one will need at an affordable price.

Social media is overrun with dash cam videos from all over the world displaying high-definition video with audio of crashes, road-rage incidents and insanely crazy videos of the Russian military driving tanks down the highway. *

Not only has dash cams brought to us entertainment, they also provide a peace of mind for drivers across the globe. The total cost of insurance fraud (non-health insurance) is estimated to be more than $40 billion per year. That means Insurance Fraud costs the average U.S. family between $400 and $700 per year in the form of increased premiums. Adding an additional layer of protection and an extra set of “eyes” with the kdLinks X1 is what you need.

KDLINKS X1 Full HD Dash Cam Unboxed

What’s in the Box

Neatly packed you will find the following items:

  • X1 Car Dash Cam
  • Windshield Suction Cup w/ GPS Module
  • 1 Extra Suction Cup w/ EMPTY GPS Module
  • Dash Cam Cigarette Car Charger w/ Long Cable
  • 8GB MicroSD Card
  • MicroSD Card Adapter
  • CD with X1 Dash Cam Video Player Software for GPS Function
  • User Manual

First Impressions, Unboxing

The packaging is very professional and everything is tucked in their neatly and accessible to begin set-up. The very first box inside the package is stamped, “100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Need Help? E-mail us: First class support for all customers.”

It’s very important for any company to stand behind their product and to also give the consumer the peace of mind that there is help if needed without having to dig for the companies contact information.

I’m a techy / gadget geek, so I like to power things on and figure my way on how to work the device, which is what I did. It did not take long to figure out how to use the dash cam, it is self-explanatory for the most part, but if you need help, there is a well-documented user manual that comes with illustrations of the icons used on the cams 2.7″ LCD display.

The KDLINKS X1 is compact and its design is similar to a mini point and click photo camera.

KDLINKS X1 Full HD Dash Cam Packaged

Set-up and Configuration

For the first few days I used the windshield suction cup w/ GPS Module. It’s real easy to use, the suction cup is labeled with “No GPS inside” whereas the suction cup with the GPS is black and includes a plug to plug-in to the dash cam.

I am currently running the suction cup without the GPS Module because it does display your MPH and I don’t want to incriminate myself. **

I am also running a SanDisk Ultra 32GB micro SD HC I – with zero issues so far which is an upgrade from the same exact SD card provided in the box, except the one provided is of course 8GB. You do not have to do anything extra in order to get the 32GB card to work in the cam out of the box. If you choose to run a larger sized SD card, that will require you to format the card to FAT32 file system and that comment is directly from KDLINKS support commenting on one of the questions directly from Amazon.

KDLINKS answer for cards over 32GB: 32GB can be used directly; 64/128GB can work but it requires special software to format it to FAT32 file system; that’s because Windows OS can only support up to 32GB size card to FAT32. Please contact us at, we can provide detail instruction. We always do best support for our customers.

KDLINKS X1 is setup to loop over the oldest video to continuously record. You get about 5 hours of recording time when using the 32GB card. With the 8GB card, you get a little over 1 hour of recording time.

The KDLINKS X1 is literally plug and play dash cam. The cigarette lighter car charger power is long enough to run the wire anywhere you want within the cab of your vehicle.

Check out the user manual and familiarize with all of the features and go into the menu and configure away. I turned off the Accident Auto Detection (G-Sensor) mode because I believe the wonderful Baltimore / Washington roads was causing the cam to lock the files which causes the cam to stop recording. I may re-enable this feature and test with it further. I also have the screen turn-off after 2 minutes to alleviate the brightness of the screen reflecting onto the windshield at night. With the screen off, you can see the cams indicator light on, letting you know it is still powered on and recording.

KDLINKS X1 Purchase Here:

KDLINKS X1 Full HD Dash Cam Video Review

*Search YouTube for Russian dash cam videos.

**Kidding of course, I wanted to test both modules to see how they function.

KDLINKS X1 Full HD Dash Cam Photos

An Infrastructure/Information Technology Manager by day, an automotive enthusiast the rest of my spare time. Most importantly a Father, Husband and a U.S. Navy Veteran! Combining my experiences and skills and came up with the ultimate creation of Armed with a camera who knows where this journey will take me but stay tuned, it's going to be an exciting ride!

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