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Liftmaster 8550 Elite Series® DC Battery Backup Belt Drive

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The first impression of the Liftmaster 8550 Garage Door opener is straight up awesome! OK, what does that mean? The overall unit appears to be smaller than my previous Craftsman model opener, it’s 100 times quieter, the battery back-up is integrated into the unit itself.

Liftmaster Garage Door Opener 8550The most boast about feature with this 8550 unit is the MyQ technology. An Internet Gateway, 828LM accessory (purchased separately, total cost $51 for me including shipping) which allows you to open/close your garage door via smart phone as well as accessing your garage door remotely via the Internet. A great alternative to having to buy a separate door opener, however the question is raised about security; since the unit is accessible via Internet. I guess we are relying on the Engineers who designed this system to incorporate protective measures.

Note: As of December 2012, there are NO activation/monthly fees! It’s FREE! Plug the gateway into your router, register the unit, download the app, program your phone and it works!

We’ve only owned this unit less than a month, but I can tell you so far, we love it! As time progresses, we will update this article as to how well we still love the unit, after owning it for some period of time.

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