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Lone Star Throwdown LST 2017 – We Are On Our Way

Lone Star Throwdown 2017 is next week, February 24-26 and we are excited to make the trip from cold a$$ Maryland to Conroe, Texas where 2000 show vehicles are waiting for us. That’s right, LST hit their registration limit of 2000 show vehicles, congratulations to Lonnie and Todd for building such a successful show and we wish them many more years of success.

It will definitely be a nice change of pace to get out of state and see other custom rides throughout the country. Lone Star Throwdown brings in builders from all over and they have grown so much into a successful show they were even featured on the boob tube (television for you youngins).

What makes a show successful like LST is the people who surround the show, everyone from the Staff all the way to the show competitors. Everyone rallies around the show and wants to see it be a success, a lot of time, energy and money goes into producing a show at this level and it will be great for us to see it first-hand this year!

Just a little info on who’s behind this show for some people that don’t know the story! It came about when two friends Todd (Radar) Hendrex and Lonnie Ford were sitting around talking about all the old shows that they have been to thru out the years. That’s when they decided to THROWDOWN one of the shows that would bring it all back to what really started this whole scene. Plain and simple this show is going to bring back that old school swing of just hanging out with good friends and showing off our rides! Don’t miss out on one hell of a THROWDOWN! Email US @

Stay tuned to our social media channels, Instagram, Facebook, etc. to check out LIVE coverage from the event. And of course tune back in to this page for our full coverage and wrap-up. See you at LST!!!

For more information about Lone Star Throwdown, visit:

Lone Star Throwdown 2017 Video Coverage

Lone Star Throwdown 2017 Coverage

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