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Luxurious Condos At The Race Track

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Luxurious Condos At The Race Track – A Dream

Luxurious Condos At The Race Track – The Ultimate Dream: Living near several large cities and in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the daily grind begins to take its toll. Especially as we watch our kids grow and almost daily I find at least 1 more white hair on my head. The conversation goes like this, “man I wish I had some land near the country and a big a$$ pole barn for my toys.” You find yourself sharing social media posts of awesome houses with a 10 car garage in the middle of nowhere. There’s also not a day that goes by where I don’t have at least one conversation with a fellow co-worker about changing my career. If I don’t bring up the conversation, they are sure to ask the question (daily), “why aren’t you doing car stuff as a career?” The short and easy answer is, it would be difficult at this stage in my life to pick up and move on to something else. Raising a family, the money and job security within the industry I am working in now.

However, there may be a solution for your getaway and keeping you close to the cars and track. For 200K, why not purchase a condo at the race track? Have space to store a couple of cars and hell, maybe I can become the groundskeeper and take on a new career!? A new life doing something you truly enjoy!

The Story – Luxurious Condos At The Race Track

I’m cruising to work last week and listening to Elliot In The Morning. The funny thing is, now that I think about it, I absolutely hated listening to talk radio shows. I could never understand why my Dad would listen to Howard Stern; it was so boring. If you are in the car, you listen to music! Well, here I am, listening to Elliot in the Morning and typically Howard Stern on my way home from work (getting old sucks!). Elliot was more excited than normal on this morning, he was practically yelling through the microphone describing the M1 Concourse experience and explained how you can purchase a condo track side and wake up every morning to your neighbor ripping his Aston Martin around the track. How is that for an alarm clock?

The condos are not zoned as a permanent residence, but they mention that casual / intermittent overnight stay by owners and / or their guests are permitted but are subject to local ordinances and all living / entertaining spaces such as lofts/mezzanines must comply with local code. Sounds like a great escape to me!

The best part about these communities is there’s no better way to revitalize an area, especially the Michigan area, with creating a race track / living experience. Car and truck people are serious when it comes to their vehicles and their passion is like no other, this is a perfect solution.

The Meat Behind Luxurious Condos At The Race Track

With a little digging, I am surprised to see how many of these communities are popping up and why did I not hear about this sooner? It makes total sense, most car guys and gals have the money to play, why not give them a place to spend their weekends or long Summer weeks at the track?

The M1 Concourse definitely got my attention. Located in Pontiac, Michigan, the M1 Concourse features an exclusive community of more than 250 secure Private Garages set along the 1.5 mile Champion Motor Speedway. Private Garages are flexible storage and entertainment space with the privilege of ownership. M1 is poised to be the largest facility of its kind in the world with an active community of enthusiasts enjoying their passion for all things automotive.

The track also includes an outdoor event arena / 2.5 acre skid pad. The garage / loft combination range from 600SF to 2400SF and I am sure there will be other options as the community / concept grows.

M1 Concourse Ownership

All Private Garages at M1 Concourse are individually deeded condos. You can use your private garage for storage, entertainment, office space and more. Owners have 24/7 access through a secure entrance. Similar facilities have proven that these “car condos” are solid investments and there is no restriction on resale in the future.


Private Garages range from 507 to 4,800 square feet. All units are engineered steel buildings constructed with the finest materials, including sprinklers, one-hour rated fire walls, full insulation and oversized motorized garage doors.Each unit is individually metered for water, gas and electric (expandable 100 amp 3-phase circuitry), and is pre-wired for cable television and high speed internet.

Motor Sports Club

The M1 Motorsports Club, accessible only to Private Garage owners, provides access to the track/skid-pad and a variety of social events within the community. Members have their own personal driving coach and are guaranteed 6 hours per week of track access. A fleet of performance vehicles provided by a variety of manufacturers are available for members to enjoy.

Check out more about the M1 Concourse experience…

Other Opportunities

The M1 Concourse is not the only show in town. The Virginia International Raceway also has a track side experience. VIR offers approximately 62 guest rooms featuring: The Lodge at VIR (27 Rooms), Pit Lane Rooms (18) and The Villas at South Bend (6 two-story Villas and 1 Lower Villa).

New Jersey Motorsports Park offers the same:

Exotic Car Garages at NJMP, a private garage condominium, offer units that range in size from 1,000 to 2,500 square-feet, with ceilings high enough to house a trailer or stack cars. Depending on overall size, garages can store up to 10 vehicles. Those who opt for a mezzanine level or viewing deck gain an elevated viewing gallery of their collection, as well as picturesque views of the world-class Thunderbolt Raceway. Units are fully customizable. Combine your Exotic Car Garage with our Private Drivers Club Membership for the ultimate motorsports lifestyle on and off track.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am ready to go! Hell I am ready to make an investment and turn this into my new career. Check out photos below of the condo / garage options…

Luxurious Condos At The Race Track Photos

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