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Custom 2012 Mitsubishi Exo X - (Owner Wayne Soegiarto)

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Feature: Mitsubishi Evo X – Unleashing The Beast

Mitsubishi Evo X, a full custom beast: It has been a little over a year since we have last connected with Owner Wayne Soegiarto’s 2012 Mitsubishi Evo X; a complete transformation this ride has made in less than a year. Wayne’s obsession has extended over the past few years we have known each other. It all started with a Mitsubishi Evo 8 and now to this beautiful Evo X. Constant changes to Wayne’s vehicles is not uncommon; an addiction many enthusiasts face when building a show machine. However, the level of mods and how frequently you see the changes is a rare breed we see in Wayne.

The modifications and well-rounded flow of the styling you see here should be an inspiration to all enthusiasts to include Mitsubishi (the company) themselves; this ride should make them want to continue the product line versus creating an economical hybrid of some sort. What fun is there driving a hybrid?!

An all-wheel-drive four-door sedan that comes tuned for performance and tweaked for maximum handling on the track, all while having enough room to haul your friends or family around; throw in the mods Wayne has, and a beast is created!

Custom 2012 Mitsubishi Exo X - (Owner Wayne Soegiarto)

The Meat and Potatoes.

Let’s touch on some of the changes we have noticed over the past year since I last shot this car (Previous Feature: Full Evolution – From an Evo 8 To An Evo 10). The exterior now sports a custom vinyl wrap that accents the Chargespeed Widebody Kit; Vertini Racing wheels supported by Eibach pro springs to complete the perfect stance, accented with Stop Tec front and rear drilled / slotted rotors are the first few modifications that are eye-catching. The accents throughout the car are amazingly executed they could (almost) pass as a manufacturer option, especially the interior.

One of the major challenges when building a show car is being unique. When a car builder says they are “building it for themselves” don’t let that fool you. A compliment or two from a fellow enthusiast is a good feeling, especially after spending countless hours and hard earned money on your ride like Wayne has done here. So how do you separate yourself from the rest? Well, Wayne’s ride is a good template to follow when it comes to building a well-rounded show car and Wayne’s years of experience within the car show industry shows in this beauty he has created.

Custom 2012 Mitsubishi Exo X - (Owner Wayne Soegiarto)

Custom hand laid carbon fiber accents installed in the door panels and a custom audio set-up in the trunk, to continue with the carbon fiber theme, there are accents in the engine bay and throughout the car to include the diffusers, gas door and front canards. Maintaining a common theme throughout a custom built ride is a concept some young enthusiasts just don’t get these days, but if they pay attention to the high-quality builds around them, this could prove to be a valuable education and when you lay your eyes on this masterpiece the lesson is there.

What’s Next?

The magic question is, what’s next? Knowing Wayne, next week the car will be a different color, have a different set of wheels, and a new audio set-up. In all seriousness, this Evo X is as well-rounded as they come. As Wayne continues to tweak his ride to get it to almost near-perfect (to him) we will be patiently waiting to see where this journey takes Wayne and his Evo. I can tell you some under the hood goodies may be in the works soon; but, who knows, time will tell and maybe we will see this Evo on the track soon.

Feature Photos – Wayne’s Soegiarto’s Evo X

Author Note: It is a honor and a privilege to get the first up-close-and-personal opportunity to photo shoot Wayne’s Evo. Enjoy the photos below. And for those who are wondering what the ” cz. ” watermark is, welcome to our new, much cleaner watermark. So when you see it out there on the interwebz, feel free to tag us Instagram (@carshowz) and Facebook (/CarShowzUS)

Mitsubishi Exo X. The Goods.

Chargespeed Widebody Kit
JP Carbon Fiber rear wing & trunk
Seibon carbon fiber rear diffuser
Rexpeed carbon fiber vortex generator, gas door cover and front canards
Depo LED Tail lights
XPS carbon fiber front splitter, under side skirts, and rear flaps
JP Carbon fiber mirror covers, hood scoop, side hood scoops and eye lids
SSP Front Undertray
Vertini racing rims (19×10.5 front & rear)
Eibach pro springs
Stop Tec front & rear drilled/slotted rotors
AMS brake lines
Vinyl wrap by 13 Three Motorsports-Maryland

Cusco 6 point roll cage w/foam pads and longacre mirror
AEM Boost gauge and Air/Fuel gauge
Rexpeed carbon fiber dual gauge pod, A Pillar and C Pillar
Sparco Pedals, shift knob, and brake handle
Blue suede head liner and interior overlay
Focal component speakers (front & rear)
Dynomat-doors, roof & trunk
Carbon fiber bottom lower door panels with blue lighting.
Carbon fiber interior overlay
Audio install by SS Designs-Maryland

Cusco strut bar
ETS Air intake
ETS 4″ intercooler w/piping
NItrous NT cooler
Synapse BOV
Depo high flow cat
Magna flow catback w/ QTP cut out
GM 3 port boost controller
Weapon R coolant over flow tank and oil catch can
Ralliart oil cap
Various carbon fiber engine accents covers
Tuned by UCS Performance/Madmsheen-Maryland

2 10″ Focal subs
Kicker zx 700-5 channel amp
Trunk enclosure by SS Designs-Maryland

Shout Out:
Wayne would like to thank, UCS Performance, 13-Three Motorsports, SS Designs, Meguiar’s and Timeless Motor Group.

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