More About CarShowz and The Crew

CarShowz was created in 2009 by Founder Jeff Cantagallo. With a need to consolidate automotive events / car show listings in one place, the database was created. The overall goal is to have a clean event listing in addition to leveraging the technology to maintain an optimized website that will be fast to load and easy to find show listings. Over time social media has gained major traction in hosting event listings, however we will continue to strive to promote local events.

We are a small team of friends and family who have built the carshowz brand / name. Our goal is to have fun and continue to build the brand name and maintain a professional appearance. We are not a business and our goal is to not make money. There are a lot of enthusiasts who work hard and deserve the recognition and that is what our website is about. We have built a decent following over the years and we realize we will not replace the traditional magazine coverage style, but with our professional image and our following we are sure you will get the exposure you deserve.

We are here to help enthusiasts and businesses within our industry through our website and social media channels. It’s about networking and helping each other and that is what our team is about.

The Team

Jeff Cantagallo – Founder / Photographer
Jen Cantagallo – Social Media and Events Coordinator
Mark Pantalone – Photographer
Kevin Cunningham – Photographer
Jazmene Cantagallo – Events Coordinator
Jaden Cantagallo – Events Coordinator
Brad Dugenske – Marketing / Photographer
Craig Dickerson – Marketing
Chuck Healy – Photographer

Retired Team Members

Mike Mieczkowski – Photographer

Snaps of the Crew

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CarShowz Memorable Events and Moments

  •, Friends, and Businesses raised over $5,000 for Amanda Smith who was diagnosed with stage II cervical cancer. (Event Review | The Pasadena Voice | The Pasadena Voice 2)
  • Check out some cool events we had the opportunity to be a part of:

Other CarShowz Highlights / Accolades had the privilege to be a sponsor of the iconic show in Texas, Lonestar Throwdown ’13

Shout-out from Adam Carolla from “The Car Show” aired on the SPEED Channel

A sampling of our coverage taken from various events.