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Motor City Masters – Chevrolet and truTV

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Creating a television show series to cover all entertainment aspects of different genres of the automotive industry and entertain the average household “TV show watcher” is a difficult task.

The average auto enthusiast will immediately evaluate the show based on the automotive knowledge of the cast and the accuracy of the cars / builds they are dealing with; aside from the extra “fluff” producers like to add in. The average television watcher will tune in for the entertainment value. The drama that goes on behind the scenes, who’s fighting with who, etc.

I think the foundation of this show is solid. The fact that

automotive design would be intriguing to most automotive enthusiasts, an area that most do not have experience in and an opportunity to learn what actually goes on when designing a concept vehicle. Granite the majority of the design elements will be cut out in order to make the ~40 minute air time, as well as the entertainment fluff that is incorporated. And I am sure there are auto designers out there that disagree with how the show portrays the automotive design industry. Lets face it, this show could be breeding future designers in the children who are watching.

Motor City Masters Logo (source Facebook)I feel the shows Judges and the Build Tech’s help create the trust and bond with enthusiasts based on their experience within the industry. Harald Belker has an amazing resume; “a world-renowned automotive designer whose impressive credits include the Smart Car team for Mercedes Benz, the Batmobile for Warner Bros.’ BATMAN & ROBIN and the futuristic cars of Steven Spielberg’s MINORITY REPORT.” (Source:

Along with Mr. Belker, Jean Jennings, “a legendary automotive journalist, the editor in chief of and the former editor of AUTOMOBILE MAGAZINE.” She has been writing about cars and the car business for more than 30 years. (source:

As an enthusiast, I always appreciate the years of experience people bring to the table; leveraging their experience to better the automotive industry. Aside from the corporate sponsors, television, and these folks potentially making big bucks, I do feel there are true enthusiasts out there who enjoy doing what they are doing and want to better the industry. No matter what the scenario is, I always try to find the positive, whether it is a TV show, a small local car show, new products, etc.

The automotive industry is HUGE and has a strong following. If the show continues to balance the technical “car stuff” with the entertainment, I think it will prove to be successful.

This is not a sponsored post: Myself nor have any affiliation with truTV, Motor City Master, Chevrolet or any of the programs sponsors. The written article as you see here is solely my opinion. If any of my information is inaccurate or you would like to contribute additional details to this article, please contact me directly jeff(at sign)carshowz(dot)com, thank you!

Click here to check out a clip of “Behind The Design With Rich Evens” the Lead Tech from Motor City Masters

Source: Motor City Masters – Chevrolet and truTV

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