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Motor Trend International Auto Show -
Photo by Jeff C.

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Motor Trend International Auto Show Tour 2016

Motor Trend International Auto Show Tour 2016 is kicking off the show season throughout the U.S. bringing to you the latest vehicles from the manufacturers.

Motor Trend Auto Shows, LLC (MTAS), is the nation’s largest auto show production company. Founded in 1984, MTAS produces auto shows in more than 20 markets across the country. With offices in Detroit, New York and Los Angeles, MTAS has the advantage of having large-market expertise and manufacturer support. These strong industry relationships combined with MTAS’ highly experienced production team, create first-class events with local flare and personal service.

As part of one of the largest special-interest magazine publishing companies in the United States, MTAS leverages relationships with over 45 automotive magazines to enhance the shows it produces. MTAS partners with Motor Trend magazine for auto show clients that request the MTAS brand identity in conjunction with their shows. Many MTAS shows are marketed as the place to “see the pages of Motor Trend come alive.”

Production / Services

For nearly 60 years, the Motor Trend brand has been the World’s #1 Automotive Authority.  Motor Trend Auto Shows, LLC, the nation’s largest auto show production company, brings the pages of Motor Trend alive. Our company offers large-market expertise, manufacturer support and the ability to produce a first-class event with local flare and a personal touch.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, with satellite offices in Detroit and New York, Motor Trend Auto Shows’ core staff is composed of auto show professionals, many of whom bring with them over ten years of show experience. Talented subcontract employees provide on-site assistance and support during show season, as does our top-notch team of advertising and public relations agencies.

Motor Trend auto shows take place in more than 20 markets across the United States. From an up-close look at hundreds of new cars, trucks, SUVs and alternative fuel vehicles to displays of vehicles not yet available in dealerships, and more, Motor Trend auto shows offer something for everyone.

Whether large market or small, Motor Trend Auto Shows strives to deliver an exciting, polished event for the public. We strive to reduce or eliminate many outside costs to our exhibitors, while creating additional income for our clients.

We invite you to visit a Motor Trend auto show near you, and enjoy your stroll down the “highway” of beautiful new vehicles.

Motor Trend International Auto Show Tour Schedule

Please visit for up-to-date show schedule changes in times, dates, etc.

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