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NASCAR Souvenirs – A Change In Sales

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Decades of tradition and a part of the fan experience is to stroll through “souvenir row” to seek out their favorite NASCAR souvenirs before or after the big race. With team trailers lined up, a NASCAR fan is able to capture the fan experience by visiting their favorite Driver’s trailer and seek out their favorite NASCAR souvenirs and maybe catch a glimpse of the drivers themselves if they are lucky; at least there’s always that hope.

NASCAR Souvenirs and Fanatics Authentic.

NASCAR has a different plan:

via NASCAR and NASCAR Team Properties jointly announced Wednesday a 10-year agreement with Fanatics to conduct its fan merchandise operations at every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race.

Fanatics Authentic offers a wide variety of sports memorabilia, to include, you guessed it, NASCAR souvenirs. This partnership can prove to be successful for NASCAR, Fanatics, fans, and race teams, if done right! The plan is to centralize all of the NASCAR souvenirs into a mall / courtyard style area. While navigating through climate controlled tents fans will be able to lay eyes on more merchandise versus walking through an isle of trailers.

Obviously we’re extremely excited as well,” said Ross Tannenbaum, president of Fanatics Authentic, the Jacksonville, Florida-based company’s division for licensed sports apparel. “It was a privilege to be selected by the teams, the tracks and NASCAR to be their partner in trying to find ways to improve on the current system of how retail is done at the tracks. We’ve committed to trying to build something up that the fans will love, that the teams and the industry will all be excited about, that will be a better shopping experience. … I think it will be a winner for everybody long-term.

NASCAR Souvenir layout artist rendering

Above you see an artist rendering of the new proposed layout for NASCAR souvenirs, which is subject to change and will most likely evolve over the 2015 NASCAR season. With a mall style layout and the ability to be able to present multiple merchandise items in front of the eyes of fans, this is an opportunity to bring in more sales and to give the fans an experience to be able to see items they may have missed while walking through the cluttered isles of team trailers. I personally feel this is a great opportunity for all drivers of the sport to be able to be given an opportunity to sell their merchandise and the news was well received throughout the industry when it was announced:

The race teams and drivers want to deliver the best possible experience to our fans and our sponsors, and part of that includes the shopping experience at the race track. We believe Fanatics is the right partner to enhance all aspects of the NASCAR merchandise environment at track and online for years to come. — Dave Alpern, Chief Marketing Officer, Joe Gibbs Racing

Simple and efficient is the best way to describe this new trackside retail model. It is one-stop shopping. A family attending NASCAR events can each purchase their favorite driver’s merchandise, under one roof and with one transaction. Fans will also see the benefit of having more time to enjoy the pre-race activities such as pit passes, hospitality clubs, fan zones and additional entertainment. — Ben May, Chief Marketing Officer, Pocono Raceway

As an entertainment company, everything we do is about the fans. In every decision, we listen to our fans and bring forth initiatives that meet their needs. This partnership with Fanatics will continue to deliver on that promise. Fanatics’ innovations and strong industry presence will only enhance and enrich the guest experience. — Craig Neeb, Senior VP of Business Development, International Speedway Corporation

The NASCAR souvenirs market needs a change, with the economy shifting over the years and the cost of everything being too high, this is an opportunity to potentially help race teams and sponsors earn some extra cash in their pockets. Yes NASCAR is a billion dollar sport but, at the end of the day it’s not cheap to run a race team and the money has to come from somewhere. Regardless how you spin it, there will always be millions of fans contributing. So why not change how NASCAR souvenirs are distributed, put them in front of more eyes.


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