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Oklahoma Street Outlaws – OKC Underground Street Racing

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Oklahoma Street Outlaws – OKC Underground Street Racing

From the get-go we know the show is staged; spot lights shining down on the alleged locations of the “street races” / airport runway, the characters, the race list, the cars, everything about the show says scripted.

What I love about the show is the competitiveness it brings to the racing community. OK, the show may be “corny” but it is definitely bringing a hype to the community and maybe is going to cause the spark the industry needs. The Street Outlaws Facebook page is booming with posts and has definitely riled up the racing enthusiasts, both young and old in defending their home turf, boasting that they have the fastest street race cars around. Racing enthusiasts from all states are on this page talking smack to OKC.

I can definitely see a race series sparking from this show or perhaps Street Outlaw chapters popping up all over the U.S. and around the world. The Motorsports Racing industry is huge, an expensive hobby but look around, it’s all around us. I mentioned to my wife during the first show that aired that this could be the beginning of a new race series. If something comes about, I am for hire DISCOVERY 😉

There are a ton of interesting reviews regarding the show. Me personally, I watch it to see the race cars and trucks. A lot of nice rides, we can certainly do without the scripted BS, but I guess that’s what they call entertainment. I think most enthusiasts would agree with me and would much rather see a “behind the scenes” show where the racers are prepping, building, and then racing their rides. I know the object is to promote a “family friendly” show, but I can tell you with the way the show is scripted, it’s not going to last too long. Bringing in the behind the scenes atmosphere, showing what the families and supporters go through as well as the racers, technicians, is what this industry needs. No more hype, fake crap. It’s really no different then automotive shops hyping up their skills on Facebook or the Internet. Keep it simple, stupid, is the saying!

I have to plug the latest video we did for Absolute Pro-formance, this is the behind the scenes stuff people need to see! OK, maybe not as drawn out as this video, since this was meant to be a dedication video and was creating a memory for the APF team, but showing the ins and outs a shop goes through on a daily, weekly basis I feel would be interesting. No more scripted car shows, please!!

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