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Plymouth Air Radial Truck Feature Photo

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Plymouth Air Radial Truck Colorado Auto Parts Inc.

Have you ever seen a truck outfitted with a 7CYL radial engine from a 1954 Cessna airplane? We have! The Plymouth Air Radial Truck made famous by the home of Colorado Auto & Parts located in Englewood, CO. caught our attention while walking the show floor at SEMA 2017. My passion for out-of-the-box custom rides is like no other. I can literally spend hours capturing every detail with my camera. Knowing we almost walked past the Covercraft booth and missed this ride brings a tear to my eye. Thankfully we caught a glimpse of the back-end of the 1939 Plymouth PT81 truck and needed to gain a closer look.

The build is truly a work of art combining the love of airplanes and implementing that into a ’39 truck is unheard of. The amount of detail in and around the Plymouth is executed perfectly and while there is an extreme amount of detail, it is just the right amount to where it is not overwhelming.

The best part about this is, it is functional. Not only did we have an opportunity to check out the details in person, we watched it roll-out during the SEMA parade. I am also thankful to the Owner for clearing the crowd that formed around the truck to capture better photos. Check out the coverage photos below.

Plymouth Air Radial Truck Photo by Jeff Cantagallo,

Plymouth Air Radial Truck SEMA ’17 Rollout

Plymouth Air Radial Truck Specs

  • 1939 Plymouth PT81 truck with a 7CYL radial engine from a 1954 Cessna 195 airplane
  • 300 hp @2200 RPM full throttle
  • 757 Cubic inch
  • Bore-5.25″ Stoke 5″
  • Compression 6:1
  • Th400 automatic Transmission
  • 2200 true stall Converter
  • Casale v-Drive
  • Franklin Quick Change Rear End

Plymouth Air Radial Truck Photos

Photos provided by myself, Jeff Cantagallo, taken at SEMA 2017 in the Covercraft booth and during roll-out of the SEMA Parade to SEMA Ignited.

Although this was our first time seeing this truck, you may have caught the build on Jay Leno’s Garage. Check it out below…

Check out footage from the Colorado Auto & Parts Team testing out the Plymouth Air Radial Truck outside of their wrecking yard in Colorado.

Be sure to follow this truck on Facebook, here and give their Instagram a like, here.

To check out more SEMA coverage, visit here:

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