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Ken Block’s RaptorTRAX AWD Burnout!

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Ken Block’s RaptorTRAX was once called a contender of the year for Coolest Pickup of 2014 and for a good reason. It’s powered by a 6.2 liter Whipple Supercharge V8 and rides on a set of Mattracks tank-like treads that bolt on in place of the ordinary wheels and tires.

[HOONIGAN] Ken Block showed off the power of the beast by doing an all wheel drive burnout on the Mattracks.
Ken Block's RaptorTRAX AWD Burnout

Check out the full video on the Hoonigans Youtube channel.

From an early age my parents used to take me to car shows and a few automotive museums and that is where I got the car bug. Ever since then I have had mainly cars that were more go than show until 2008 when I bought my 2005 Silverado. I started showing the truck and soon after started taking pictures at the shows. In early 2012 I put a call out asking if any sites needed a photographer and here I am, A proud member of the Carshowz family.

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