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Real Life Transformers BMW 3 Series Actual Size

Real Life Transformers BMW was created by a company out of Ankara, Turkey called Letvision. Letvision who was a startup and R&D company, now again spending its experience, knowledge and material accumulation on same area and also continues being the creator of innovative and new products. There’s no better way to promote your companies technical abilities other than to build a real life transformers BMW. The company specializes in multi-touch products and as you can see by the real life transformers BMW creation the company uses this platform to display several technologies.

Real Life Transformers BMW Video – Letrons

About Letvision

Letvision who was a startup and R&D company, now again spending its experience,knowledge and material accumulation on same area and also continues being the creator of innovaitve and new products. In addition, LETVISION has been suported and awarded by the Ministry of Industry and KOSGEB as an registered succesfull R & D company. Especially Multi touch products as final product related actions aiming to reach the end user are succesfully produced.

LETVISION can develop interactive softwares. Hardwares which our design team trying to uncover sensitively are kindly moving to the touch platform by our software team. LETVISION is aiming sensitive and infinite touch experience especially association and foundations who wants to differentiate from their competitiors according to their requests.

LETVISION has also partnership with world’s giant companies as INTEL whose success and reliability are world-proven in hardware components and as MICROSOFT whose delivering the perfect solution for users in the right platform. Solutions which has been developed according to our customers requests by our R & D team are being develeoped with the latest technology equipped production line under our expert engineers.

Real Life Transformers BMW Video

A different angle:

Real Life Transformers BMW Features

Neck And Head Movement

200 Ncm DC servo motor allows the head to be able to turn 120 degrees. Neck and body connection by 1.000N actuator. Dynamic neck movements with 100 N actuator.

Main Control Unit

Specially designed and programmed for the management of all operational functions like; Robot transformation.

Dynamic Control System

35.000 N main hydrolic cylinder system and perfect spine structure with extra hydrolic supplements, allows fast and effective transformation.

Gear Motor

400 Nm powerful engine takes very little space and allows high performance throughout.

Wi-Fi Technology

2.4 GHz 54 Mbps fast data transfer rate and more coverage with 5 dBi Antenna.

Remote Control Software

Higly Effective Management Software allows voice interaction and high performance movement capability.

Dynamic Lights

Dynamically adjustable light intensity for healthy vision by the data received from the sensors.

Power System

Deep Cycle storage units and 4,000 W power inverter to manage the energy distribution.

Wrist Action

200 Ncm DC servo motor capable of 100 degrees through an interactive wrist for quick and accurate responses.

Kinetic Fingers

Individually designed fingers moving with in 400 Ncm servo engine power.

Arm Movements

Dynamic angle-controlled arm movements with 1.000 N linear DC power dynamic actuators and sensors.


With camera integration performing speech and movement abilities in real time.


Clear and effective vision for fog which can be controlled interactively.


Enriched with the capability to speak, sound sensitive to environmental factors integration.


Full HD interactive feedback screen with rich visual feast and media presentation.

Remote Control

Remote control with 2.4 GHz radio frequency with 10 Channel controller.

Dynamic Eye

Led based design dynamic eye structure and variable light spectrum allows highly effective visuality


Real-function steering, wheel 60 degrees movements maneuverability both left and right.


Extra safety from the front and rear security sensors.

Effective Size

1 to 1 scale (Actual size).

Real Life Transformers BMW Photos

Other Models

The company has other photos of  “other models” that could potentially be made and those models are named Bizmut, Argon, Wolfram and Tantal

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