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Remote Control Cars, Etc. – Boys and Their Toys

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Realistic R/C vehicles can cost as much as a real car these days, but they are so cool we gotta have them, right?! Wrong, says our wives 🙁 for those of us who are married. For the others, we live through you 🙂

So if we are not able to afford them, we can spend hours on YouTube checking out the latest creations. What is even more amazing are the modification that are put into these things. Everything from custom Big Rigs pulling you around the neighborhood, to jet planes that sound pretty darn real, helicopters that are life-like, r/c drift cars that make you feel like you can jump in them and drive, and to Fire Trucks that actually put out fires.

R/C Big Rig

Image for Social Media preview. Click on the videos below to watch the r/c in action…

Here are some cool R/C videos via YouTube…

Our Favorite: Vaughn Gittin Jr. Mustang Burnout & Chase of RC Drift Car

Check out these websites for more information on R/C vehicles:




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