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Operating a car website such as you go about your daily business of sharing photos out on social media, posting a couple of Tweets and so-on. Surfing the web you see a cool car related article, boom, you share it, continue on. I came across a Tweet about “The Car Chasers”, this looks like a cool show, boom re-tweet. I get a message back from Jeff Allen thanking me for my Tweet, well damn, that’s pretty cool.

Mr. Allen is straight up a car guy, no fluff, just looking to support the industry in doing what he loves, just like us! A quick look at his bio, I learned he Owns Flat 12 Gallery, out of Lubbock, TX. Well damn #2, that is where my wife’s family lives and she grew up not too far from there in New Mexico. Talk about a small world, and this location (no offense Jeff) is pretty isolated, which made this social media exchange even cooler cause now my wife can relate.

We appreciate Jeff’s support, he is very active on social media and has showed us nothing but love.

Check out Flat Gallery 12 and The Car Chasers on CNBC

via CNBC: Jeff Allen and Perry Barndt are gamblers…their game, classic and exotic cars. They travel the country looking to buy and sell cars. Whether it’s a rare Shelby Mustang or a one-of-a-kind Bugatti, the key is buy low and sell high, something that doesn’t always happen. Selling cars is a dangerous business…but perhaps there’s no greater danger than negotiating with your own dad. Tom Souter, Jeff’s dad, runs his own classic car dealership right around the corner from Jeff’s shop in Lubbock, Texas. They are not just regular trading partners; they are trading partners hell-bent on one-upmanship. Tom says doing a deal with his son is like being locked in a closet with a porcupine, “it’s gonna hurt but you know it won’t kill you.”

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About Jeff Allen
Source: CNBC

Jeff Allen, the owner of Flat 12 Gallery in Lubbock, Texas, will find any excuse to find, fix, and flip a classic car. If it’s got an engine, Jeff has a plan.

With his trusty team, Jeff works to effectively restore these cars into dollars signs. Jeff is all about strategy; buying low and selling high is the name of his game, but deep down, Jeff would gladly hold on to every car he buys. Each one is a treasure and that’s what makes him so good at wheeling and dealing – he truly values the cars and brings that passion into the deals.

He loves all cars, but is a child of the seventies and so has a true soft spot for the muscle cars of that generation – oh, and Ferraris. He definitely can’t get enough of Ferraris!

But don’t let his weakness for fancy rides fool you. Jeff treats every deal as a battle, and when he goes head to head with an equal adversary, the negotiation becomes a true chess match.

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