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Truck Masters Japan Photo Coverage

Truck Masters Japan Cover Photo
Photo: Chuck Healy

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Truck Masters Japan Photo Coverage

You know what they say, better late than never! Chuck Healy, Red Beard Garage dropped us some coverage from this past Truck Masters Tour in Japan as well as a few behind the scenes photo set of a Toyota mini build.

It was almost like Christmas when I came across the album and I completely forgot to drop some edits and post the coverage. Well, here we are. Enjoy the coverage and be sure to visit Chuck’s new Facebook Page: Mini Trucks Are Still Cool and hit the LIKE button! – Jeff Cantagallo

Truck Masters Japan Photos

Toyota Mini Build – Behind The Scenes

Photos by Chuck Healy | Edits by Jeff Cantagallo

For More Photos

To check out more photo coverage, hit the link in our “Car Show Photos” section!

Chuck joined last year as a Contributor providing event coverage from his current residence in Japan. The Japanese automotive culture is like no other when it comes to styling and customization. Chuck's coverage is a nice change of pace to our car and truck show coverage.

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