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World's Quickest Electrified Cobras

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World’s Quickest Electrified Cobras

SUPERFORMANCE & VINTAGE DELIVER PAIR OF WORLD’S QUICKEST ELECTRIFIED COBRAS JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS – Throughout motorsports history, few names conjure more passion than the legendary Carroll Shelby and his Cobra race cars that started Ford on the path to beating Ferrari at Le Mans. For the upcoming 2021 holiday season, Shelby enthusiasts looking for a special gift can acquire an electrified duo of Cobras including a metallic blue MKIII-E Cobra EV alongside a special edition two-wheeled snake from Vintage Electric bikes.

Priced at approximately $180,000, the world’s quickest EV Cobras of the four-wheel and two-wheel variety both feature blistering fast acceleration and all the immediate speed that comes with an EV power curve. The centerpiece of the new Superformance MKIII-E is a Tesla Model S rear-drive motor punctuated by an impressive 1500 pound-feet of torque.

Under the MKIII-E hood is a custom-made battery pack featuring two LG Energy 16-cell units paired in a 32-kWh pack to establish up to 100 miles of range. The ultra-lightweight engineless MKIII-E drives on a set of sticky 275/35-18 Nitto tires and offers specially tuned regenerative braking to further showcase the benefits of utilizing EV technology in classic vintage automotive designs.

“EV is becoming increasingly more popular within our cars thanks to a simpler, more powerful driving experience,” comments Superformance CEO Lance Stander. “Historically, Carroll Shelby didn’t live in the past. He always said that the best Shelby is the next one, and Carroll was always researching new technologies. Anything that could provide a performance edge, he was interested in. Without a doubt, our new Superformance MKIII-E is the quickest, quietest snake that we’ve ever made.”

The Superformance MKIII-E is in good company with the limited-edition Vintage Electric Shelby bike. Known as the maker of the world’s fastest electric street bikes, Vintage blended a bygone-era aesthetic with state-of-the-art technology to make its special Shelby e-bike. Inspired by Carroll Shelby’s personal metallic blue 289 Slabside, Vintage Electric crafted a two-wheel hot rod that pays homage to the iconic Cobra in all its glory. 

The new Vintage Electric Shelby bike is outfitted in the exact matching blue metallic N6 paint scheme as Carroll’s personal 289 Cobra with matte black racing stripes and iconic Shelby logo alongside distinctive Cobra badging.  This exciting new Vintage Electric throttle bike features a massive 48-volt battery along with a muscular 1,123-watt battery cell. The large battery is housed in a handsomely crafted matte black cast-aluminum housing that briskly charges in a speedy 4.5 hours. After a full charge, the Vintage Electric Shelby reliably offers up to a 75-mile range.

In another nod to Shelby’s commitment to high-performance, the new Vintage Electric Shelby bike includes a specially tuned Race mode that is capable of speeds up to 36 mph on private-property/closed-courses.

“For the special limited-edition Shelby bike, we channeled Carroll’s spirit of design paired with our industry-leading technology. Our goal was to create the most powerful bike of its kind to honor Carroll. In addition to being a great commuter bike, we’ve seen a lot of vintage racers use them as the perfect pit bike,” comments Vintage Electric Founder/Lead Designer Andrew Davidge. “The Cobra is an American icon, and I think we succeeded in capturing the mystique of what has attracted so many enthusiasts to Shelby.”  

Now on sale, the EV Cobra bundle from Superformance and Vintage Electric is available at a price of $190,000.00.

For more information on the Vintage Shelby bike or other Vintage Electric models, please visit or call (408) 969-0836. To learn more about the Superformance MKIII-E, please visit

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