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Worlds Smallest W18 Motor

Automotive Technology

Worlds Smallest W18 Motor

It takes the skill of a true Craftsman to build such a tiny work of art. Consisting of 469 pieces and 388 screws this is an amazing feat.

w18 parts

From the video description:

Construction of a miniature W -18 engine with direct injection of compressed air completely handmade . Theoretically a motor is a set of parts or mechanisms able to exploit any power source to turn it into energy mecánica.Los engines Patelo advantage compressed air to transform into mechanical motion . These engines are designed for teaching indoors and therefore have to work with compressed air.
Patelo this engine dedicated to all lovers of mechanical , engineering colleges and most of the students in vocational education.
No. rooms / Number of pieces : 469
No screws / Number of screws : 388
Work Hours / Work hours: 1850
Cylinder / Displacement : 28.4 D.C.
Stroke / Piston Stroke : 10.25 mm
Diameter Piston / Piston diameter: 14 mm

Full video here:

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