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Welcome to the section of our website where this allows you to add cars shows, trucks shows, motorcycle shows, cars and coffee, cruise-ins and any automotive related event.

Below we have a couple of different forms to help guide you to submitting an event. Thankfully with the wonderful world of technology, we vet the submissions and run a script to import the events into our database. It is important to ensure you include all of the relevant information and make sure it is accurate.

Please follow the instructions below for each form, it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it…

Add Car, Truck, Motorcycle Shows & Cruise-in: To add a single event or an event that happens a couple to a few times a year, click the “Add Single Event” button below. The first time submitter rules will help you.Add Cars & Coffee / Cruise-ins: If you have a recurring event such as a cars and coffee that happens every week, other week or monthly for example, click the “Add Recurring Event” button below…Update or Cancel an Events: To make a correction to your event whether it is to cancel, reschedule or update the event details, click the “Update Event” button below. Please include event name, city and state.
Add Single EventAdd Recurring EventUpdate Event

NOTE: Car shows that happen occasionally are displayed differently on our website, so we try to keep submission processing to the “Add Single Event” form. Recurring events that happen more frequently such as cars and coffee, Summer cruise-ins are displayed at the bottom of our state pages in a different section. We display a dated range, i.e. June – September with a note of when the event happens to let people know it is a weekly, bi-weekly event, etc.

First Time Submitter Quick Guide? Please Rules for Submission:

  1. Please include event website link and/or contact information, preferably both. If they are both missing, your event will not be published.
  2. Ensure you use upper / lower case when adding event information. All CAPS or all lower case makes for a sloppy looking event listing. See below for example:
  3. Use a GPS friendly address, adding (across the street from Burger King) is not going to help direct folks to your event. If there is not a GPS friendly address, you event will not be published.

Note: We reserve the right to publish or not to publish all events entered to our website. Please make sure the information you submit is accurate.

Additional Information / Explanation of rules for submission is below:

Example of how to enter an address:

Upper / Lowercase: Please use the proper upper / lowercase format for Titles, Street Addresses, etc. When the event is published it makes it hard to read everything in one case.

Good Example:
The Car Show Name – 5200 Blue Street, Sometown, PA

Bad Example:
the car show – 5200 blue street, sometown, pa

Website link or Flyer: It is recommended to add a website URL or a link to a flyer, this will help attendees with additional information about the event and updates on time changes, location changes, etc. If you do not have a website, set-up a Facebook event page, it’s free and easy to invite people. Note: If setting up a Facebook event page, make sure you set it to “public” so everyone can see it. Otherwise, only the people you will invite will be able to see it and it will make it difficult to share.

Entering an Address: When clicking on an address within our show listings, it will take you to Google maps and the location of the event. Please enter a “Google Friendly / GPS Friendly” street address. Enter ONLY the information listed in each field.

What NOT to do: Adding additional information such as, “across from Burger King” may not render an accurate address when our visitors click on the address within the listing.

Entering the Time: Please make sure you select an accurate start time. The clock is based on a 24-hour military style time. For example: If you want to select a 1:30PM start time, first click “13”, then click on 30 and then “done”. If you want to select a 8AM start time, first click on “8”, then click “00” and then “done.”

Issues / Questions: If you are having issues with the form above, please use our contact form, here. Let us know what steps you took to get to where you left off and if there are any specific browser errors you are receiving. If you have additional question and / or concerns, please read our FAQ section below, it may answer some of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

– Why is my show not posted?

We process shows manually and try to post them within 3-5 business days (depending on the time of the season, if we are traveling it may take a little longer). This ensures a clean show listing and to weed out duplicate entries and wrong information.

Also, if you did not follow the above instructions with regards to upper / lower case and street addresses. Your event may have not been included within our database. Please resubmit with the proper syntax and your event will be included. The purpose of this is to ensure a clean show listing and to make it easier for people to find information. 

If a combination of information is not accurate or is completely missing, the event will not be published. People attending the event need accurate addresses, preferably a website link or event page link referencing the shows info and point of contact information for people to contact. If all or a combination of information is missing, the event will not be published.

– I need to change my shows date, how do I do that?

Contact us by using our contact form, here. Fill-out the form in it’s entirety and be sure to include your event title/name, State and the correction so we can easily locate the event in our database and make the change.

– Why did I get an email saying a car show was submitted?

Our car show form is a free service and is open to anyone. Our website is primarily driven by the users who submit events. Our system is designed to send a confirmation email to the email address that was used as a contact email for the event. This is done for 2 reasons. 1. To offer a confirmation email to the submitter. 2. To notify show promoters that someone submitted their event on your behalf. It also allows for a check and balance to make sure the information entered is accurate.

– How do I cancel a show?

Contact us by using our contact form, here. Fill-out the form in it’s entirety and be sure to add your shows Name, State and the correction so we can easily locate the event in our database and make the change. Your event will be marked as “cancelled” and will be noted in our show listing and in our app to notify attendees that the show is cancelled. We do not delete the event because we want to make sure people get the word that it is cancelled.

– Why do I have to put contact information?

We try to add as much information as possible to our show listings to give attendees all of the information needed to attend. However, we also receive a lot of questions about events and vendor spots. By providing contact information businesses can contact the show directly to inquire about vending.

– Why is there 2 separate forms to submit events?

We try to keep our event listings clean and easy to read for our followers. There’s is a significant different in a “car show” versus a “cruise-in”. Cruise-ins happen often (weekly, monthly, etc.) and if we were to add several cruise-ins mixed in with our car shows, it would be hard to determine what’s what. So we separated them out to help distinguish the difference.

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