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3rd Annual Flat Six Fest

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3rd Annual Flat Six Fest

3rd Annual Flat Six Fest – The Concours Club is thrilled to host the third annual Flat Six Fest, celebrating the legendary history and culture of all things Porsche. Set for Saturday, January 13th, Flat Six Fest has quickly become one of the most exclusive Porsche-focused car shows in the country. This year’s event is designed to honor Porsche’s storied background in rally competition. Designed to bring together Porsche enthusiasts from across all eras, the 2024 Flat Six Fest will incorporate a specially prepared off-road course for those looking to put their own vehicles to the test against difficult terrain in the grand tradition of the Dakar Rally. Additionally, an incredible collection of rare vehicles from all corners of Porsche history will be on display for visitors to enjoy.

“Three years ago, the idea for Flat Six Fest was created to serve as an incredible expression and celebration of the legendary Porsche marque. In the years since, we’re thrilled with how the event has grown. New for 2024, The Concours Club placed an emphasis on focusing this year’s event on Porsche’s amazing background in the rally racing scene,” comments The Concours Club President Aaron Weiss. “Attendees of the 2024 Flat Six Fest will have the opportunity to take their own vintage Porsche on a specially-prepared off-road course in addition to experiencing our state-of-the-art driving circuit. We are confident that Porsche enthusiasts will be delighted by this truly one-of-a-kind gathering of legendary Porsche vehicles.”

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Unquestionably, the leading attraction for the Flat Six Fest is the opportunity for attendees to see some of the rarest, most significant Porsche vehicles ever designed. Amongst the most notable Porsche’s made available at the show are a 1 of 25 Gemballa Mirage GT, a 1973 911 Carrera 2.7RS that competed in the Monte Carlo Rally, a Champion Porsche 911 GT3RS with a Manthey performance kit, and a limited edition RUF CTR that will be made available for test drive opportunities. Touring sessions on The Concours Club circuit will also be made available for vintage Porsche owners interested in driving at speeds in line with their car era.

For those attendees not interested in on-track experiences, The Concours Club is offering a diverse array of other activities including live music, art exhibitions, a specially curated food menu from The Concours Club’s on-site restaurant, Verge, and much more. To learn more about Flat Six Fest and all upcoming events taking place at The Concours Club, please visit

3rd Annual Flat Six Fest

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