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Bruno’s Classic Muscle September Cars & Coffee

We headed out to Bruno’s Classic Muscle this morning for the their monthly cars and coffee event held out their 628 Lofstrand Lane, Rockville, MD. location. Bruno’s Cars & Coffee is hosted on every first Saturday of the month from 8AM – 10AM, coffee and donuts is provided.

We arrived just before 8AM and the lot and the streets started to quickly fill-up with classic rides with some modern rides in attendance as well. The shop is an open-house style set-up giving customers the opportunity to take a peek at what projects Bruno’s Classic Muscle has going on.

While walking around, “talk about a kid in a candy store”, every type of build was all in one place, under one roof. Everything from your classic muscle car cruiser that needs just a basic tune-up, to full-blown Barrett Jackson quality builds and everything in between; the team at Bruno’s can truly handle it all! It was cool to check out everything Bruno’s has going on in this location, definitely a wide variety of rides and builds.


Bruno’s Services & Locations

Bruno’s offers everything from complete muscle car rebuilds, complete break-down and assembly, engine upgrades, electronic fuel injection service, carburetor rebuilding and services, retrofit engine and chassis modifications, transmission installation and basic maintenance. Essentially everything you need to care for your classic, vintage and/or collector cars. Bruno’s is literally your one-stop-shop for the automotive enthusiast, not only handling all of your classic car needs, they also have technicians qualified to work on your modern vehicle as well. Bruno’s also owns and manages the Kensington Service Center, located at 3794 Howard Avenue, Kensington, MD and Lake Liberty Chevy Chase located at 8550 Connecticut Ave., Chevy Chase, MD.

The Bruno’s Classic Muscle Team

What sets Bruno’s aside from your standard shop is this organization is made up by fellow automotive enthusiasts who understands the importance to get a vehicle running right, safe for the road and enjoyable to drive with zero issues. Each team member having their niche, having the understanding and expertise to thoroughly look over your vehicle and determine what needs to be done. The organization of the shop has the mom-and-pop feel, old school mentality but with the modernized organization and structure to keep the shop thriving for scalability and their customers happy and coming back!


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Call: (301) 610-2091

Bruno’s Classic Muscle Cars and Coffee Photos

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