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Eastwood 2023 Calendar Shoot

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Eastwood 2023 Calendar Shoot

We could not ask for a better day for the Eastwood 2023 Calendar Shoot by yours truly,, hosted at the Eastwood Pasadena store location. We had over 60+ vehicles participate in the Eastwood 2023 calendar contest and it is our job to ensure these rides are looking good.

We could not ask for a better day weather wise, although a bit on the sticky humid side, I know for next time not to wear all black. You would think I would’ve known that by now after attending car shows all of these years.

We had a great mix of rides participate in the calendar shoot today and as promised here is the photo set from today’s session. Again, 60+ vehicles and over 427 edited photos were submitted to Eastwood Company to judge for their 2023 calendar. The bar was set high from this years 2022 calendar, with our photos from the Eastwood Pasadena location and your awesome rides claiming 10 out of the 12 months for the 2022 calendar. Eastwood currently has 6 locations throughout the U.S. and are all competing to have rides in the 2023 calendar. Good luck to everyone, either way, we had a great day and you get some free photos out of the time spent. 🙂

Eastwood 2023 Calendar Shoot Photos

Be sure to check out Eastwood Company’s website:

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