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Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew

Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew – When the gearhead bug bites it doesn’t let go. After a grueling year-long comedy
tour Kevin Hart surprised his crew, affectionately named The Plastic Cup Boyz, with classic cars for each one of them. As brand-new muscle car devotees the guys have fallen deeply for classic car culture. In fact, they’re on a mission to launch their own automotive club. But as newbies they face a huge challenge; a lack of experience and an understanding of what it really means to be a classic car owner.

In the all-new MotorTrend original series, premiering Friday, July 2 only on the MotorTrend App, Kevin, John, Ron, Spank, Harry and Joey seek answers to the questions around being a devoted automotive fan, learn to navigate the challenges of owning classic vehicles and make us laugh along the way. Produced by HartBeat Productions and Big Breakfast, is a lighthearted, hilarious journey into the car collecting world. From finding a trusted, skilled mechanic in Lucky Costa from MotorTrend’s HOT ROD GARAGE to customizing, racing, and flipping cars at auctions, Kevin and his friends settle internal debates with the help of automotive experts while gaining hard-earned knowledge in fulfilling their newfound passion.

The season premiere kicks off with, “Choose Your Builder, Wisely”, streaming Friday, July 2 on the MotorTrend App finds the guys wanting to make their passion for cars legit. After a dismal showing at a local car show, they search for an appropriate builder. Lucky Costa of MotorTrend’s HOT ROD GARAGE wins the job after they interview other mechanics in town, and the decision is made to spend $20,000 each on upgrading their vehicles.
Whoever does the best work will get to be the club’s president.

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