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Super Street Garage TV Series – MotorTrend

Super Street Garage TV series debuted the Summer of 2023 and I am not going to lie, with the hustle and bustle of life these days, I completely missed the series premier this past Summer. However, after watching other MotorTrend iconic brands, such as Roadkill and Hot Rod Garage, I did see the commercials for Super Street Garage, but being an old man, I am usually in bed by the time it comes on, so I finally caught up with the series and hit the record on the DVR so that I do not miss future episodes.

For the old school import performance enthusiasts, the Super Street Garage series brings back good memories. Wrenching in the garage, sourcing parts and making the ride your own. Many of us remember the Super Street print magazine and also running into the crew at Hot Import Nights or the NOPI car show series. This show does bring back good memories and the hosts John “Nads” Naderi, who served as Super Street’s editor-in-chief in its early years and Amir Bentatou of RS Future Dynamics bring that old school import performance mentality to the show.

Super Street Garage – Carrying on the tradition of the SS print magazine we all remember…

Super street Magazine image
Super Street Magazine

After finally catching up on a few episodes into the series, Nads and Amir slightly jab the new generation TikTokers mentioning the colorful wraps and some of the latest trends that are following social media in one of their latest episodes titled, “S1 E10 · Meme Kids Took the Miata. We’re Taking It Back.” Nothing against the new school mentality of modding, just a subtle hint of keeping the Super Street tradition of import modding alive to let folks know, “this is how we used to do things.” That lured me into the series even further. There’s nothing wrong with evolving but keeping the history and values of how we did it in the past, is also not wrong.

Super Street Garage can be found on MotorTrend TV and MotorTrend+. A bit a of a hint, set the record on your DVR to catch the next episode!

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