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Back to The Future II 1/20 Scale Magnetic Floating DeLorean Time Machine

Back to The Future II 1/20 Scale Magnetic Floating DeLorean Time Machine by kidslogic®. Did you miss the INDIEGOGO and the opportunity to pre-order the first truly levitating DeLorean Time Machine collectible from Back to the Future II? Don’t worry most people did. Originally selling for $195 if you jumped on the pre-order, but now you can own one for ~$300 (USD) if you purchase from eBay. I did find other sites that offer this awesome collectible, but I am not sure if that was around the pre-order stages. Perhaps the sites offering it purchased multiple to resell?

$234.99 – Bad Boy Toy Store but mentions “pre-order”

$224.99 – KidsLogic via Amazon 

$224.79 –

Credit for this find has to go to our friends at FB/MischiefTV our friend Dustin finds all of the cool stuff and buys it. Check out his video below:

via MischiefTV

via KidLogic INDIEGOGO

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”  Dr Emmett Brown, Back To The Future II

Based on the 1989 “Back to the Future II” movie, we want to build the 1:20 DeLorean Time Machine for all serious collectors.  Not only does it in high detail level, but we also want to make our dream comes true…  A Truly Levitating TIME MACHINE.

It’s NOT a toy, it’s a collectible

Magnetic Floating Base 
  • Magnetic field coming out from the base and push the DeLorean Time Machine to float in the air
  • Blue LED Lighting around the base when it is turned on
  • An external battery box is included in the pack.  16 pcs of AA batteries is required
  • (Optional) AC/DC adapter could be applied.  Input: AC 100-220V; Output: DC 12V/2000A.

With $39,830 (USD) raised by 185 backers you will start to see these spread like wild fire through-out the interwebz. With an estimated delivery of July 2016 and at $195 and a perk of free shipping ($55 waived) if you jumped on board the pre-order.

Via kidslogic: In 2015, through a licensing agreement with Universal Partnerships & Licensing, we are excited to share our 1:20 Scale Magnetic Floating DeLorean Time Machine with Back to the Future II fans and collectors.

About kidslogic: Kids Logic Co Ltd is a Hong Kong based collectible toy manufacturer.  Our goal is to bring collectors incredible representation of characters from animes and movies.  Established in 2009, we have made high quality official collectible toys from titles such as Transformers G1, Saint Seiya (Japan Anime), Arale (Japan Anime), Transformers: Age of Extinction, Street Fighters etc.  We have more than 680,000 fans at our FaceBook Page ( around the world so far.  Many of them are our satisfied fans/customers and the community keeps growing.

For more detailed information about this collectors item, visit: 

We will try to keep folks updated if the price comes down and if more of these will be produced, stay tuned.

Back to The Future II 1/20 Scale Magnetic Floating DeLorean Time Machine Pics

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